Saturday, September 18, 2010


As much as I love twilight and all my friends that I've made along the way...I've decided to shut down this website. I will keep the twitter account open to talk to the friends I've made along the way and to keep making new ones, but I've finally come back to the real world and it's kicking my butt and I need to get out of fantasy land. As most of you have noticed, I haven't been on here like I should be for a few months...that's another reason I'm shutting the site down. I won't be updating anymore but I will still help my loyal friends out. Only certain people will get follow fridays on twitter from now on and I'm sorry if you don't make my list if "certain people", don't take it personal it's online. If anyone does want to follow the real me (Ashley)...than follow @ROBisKELLANme.

Much love,
The Stars of Twilight

Friday, August 13, 2010


Hey guys!

I've got alot coming up in my life and was hopeing some of you would help me. If I don't get someone to run the site for me I'll have to shut it down and I don't want to do that, so I guess you could say I'm to the begging point now. I have run this site alone since I started and as you can see I haven't updated alot, especially for the past few months. If you'd like to help send me an email.

The Stars of Twilight

Monday, July 19, 2010

There aren't enough words to say how proud I am of you. I'm crying because I'm so happy for you and proud of you. Keep it up girl! YAY!



Independent Australian Artist Lee Safar
Signs Major Distribution Deal In Japan

Lee Safar has signed her first major digital distribution deal with Japanese distribution company ICJ Inc.

International Distribution Director of ICJ Inc., Won Wai Kit said today about the signing “Our team over here at ICJ is very excited to explore all opportunities for Lee's music in Japan. Lee's touching story and career path will be a great plus to Japanese fans." ICJ Inc. is the exclusive music distributor for MySpace Music in Japan where the primary source of music consumption is via mobile media content rather than sources such as iTunes or traditional CD purchase. Together with direct digital Music distribution, ICJ are currently negotiating other opportunities for Lee’s music in the Japanese market such as leading fashion label Diesel together with added synchronisation opportunities with Japanese television and film.

In a time when the global music industry is in such turmoil about the ineffectiveness of traditional business models, Safar sites staying focused on the methods outlined in her inspirational brand, Dream Angel, as the means for making continued progress in building a successful career as an independent artist.

Further to this announcement, Lee has appointed Bruce Butler as the Business and Artist Manager- Japan for Safar’s Music Business Company The House Of Jote Pty Ltd. Known for her very hands on approach in managing her own music company, Lee said recently “Bruce is a trusted friend and mentor and a welcomed addition to the team. I have consulted him on almost every decision I’ve made with my music business over the last 3 years, from recording the first EP to the New Moon Soundtrack and beyond. He has 30 years experience covering various aspects of the Australian music industry and Japan is a market in which we are both extremely interested. The richness in culture together with the constantly evolving trends in Japan excites us both”.

As an independent artist, Safar continues to build her music globally using the steps outlined in her Dream Angel process to live her dreams. This most recent signing in Japan, the second largest music market in the world, further extends her focus on the global digital distribution of her music in a time when artists and labels alike are fighting to find a new business model to substantiate longevity in an ever-changing music industry.
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For More information contact:
The House Of Jote Pty Ltd
Management: Bruce Butler
+61 3 9484 1977


Thursday, July 15, 2010

I'm not huge on 3-D movies becuase they do give me a headache, but I really do think they should make two versions of Breaking Dawn. Kind of like they do when they put Eclipse in IMAX, they should have the 3-D one play for a few weeks while showing the regular one and make it a limited time thing. They'd make more money because I honestly wouldn't mind seeing it, but after I watched it like that a few times I'd continue to watch the regular one as much as possible. Haha! What do you all think?

MTV has a new article about Summit’s ongoing discussions regarding the possibility of Breaking Dawn in 3-D

“That decision has yet to be made,” Summit distribution head Richard Fay told MTV News. “It’s still the source of a discussion.”

While those talks inevitably touch on technological hurdles and monetary interest — owing to the premium-ticket prices that 3-D flicks command — Fay emphasized that the studio is more focused on creative concerns.

“There’s certainly a financial part of the discussion,” he said. “And yes, there’s a certain amount of technology that has to be considered and accounted for. But it really comes down to the creative folks.”

“In any of these roundtables conversations, [Summit CEO] Rob Friedman has always been concerned about the ‘Twilight’ patron,” Fay added. “His concern is always the people that come in to see this movie. He doesn’t want to turn them off or offend. That’s why it’s a creative decision. A big factor is the perception of our audience. What are their feelings going to be? If it lends itself to being a better movie because of 3-D, then that’s the technology we’ll use.”

Since Summit is interested in fans’ opinions, we’re wondering how would you feel about Breaking Dawn in 3-D?