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100 Monkeys Eclipse After Show

This email just came in from Vicky Gorman, Admin for 100 Monkeys fanclub. Show some love for our favorite Monkeys! :) if you go, don't forget to send in some fan pics if you'd like to share. ;)



Jackson Rathbone (aka Jasper Hale from the Twilight Saga) and the band '100 Monkeys' will be playing at The Roxy Theatre (9009 Sunset Blvd., Hollywood, CA 90069), for the "Even Later Show" at 11:45pm, which coincidentally is right AFTER the premiere of Eclipse. Cast members from the Twilight Saga have been known to show up at 100 Monkeys events.

We need to push the show! Can you help?

Tickets and info can be sought from this number: Box Office: (310)278-9457
Need more info? Email: or reply back to me at this address.

I really appreciate it!

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'Lost in Forks' Spot

Kristen & Taylor at Sweden Fan Event

See the rest here.

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Just days before the premiere of the Twilight Saga: Eclipse, Billy Burke, who plays Bella's father Charlie Swan, has a full schedule releasing a new album and performing a concert.

In an exclusive video interview with at the Gibson Showroom in Beverly Hills, Billy talked about the album Removed, revealed his awkward moments on set with Kristen Stewart and joked about how the cast dissed him at their jam sessions.As Bella's father, Billy dished to reporter Alexis Tereszcuk about his favorite scene in Eclipse.

"Bella and I have a scene in the kitchen, where it gets a little awkward - I feel compelled to have the talk with her about sex and being safe and all that. Even right now I'm getting a little nervous about it", he admitted.Billy told he enjoys working with Kristen because they both have the same acting method.

"We get our idea of what we would like to see happen and we just throw it out there."The Twilight cast members are all musically talented.Robert Pattinson plays the guitar and Jackson is in a band, but the late night jam sessions they all have after hours seem to have left someone out.

"Haven't been invited, thanks guys," Burke joked.

Billy is in good company with the Twilight cast musicians and complimented them despite his snub.

"Rob's very talented, Jackson's very talented, Kristen even plays a little bit."Removed is available on Billy's website and is being released on Tuesday, June 22.

Billy is having his first concert the same night at the famous House of Blues in Hollywood.

He confessed, "I haven't played live in about 14 years. At rehearsal, two nights before the show, it all came together. It sounded much like the record, which is what we were after.

"Find out in the exclusive video interview if Billy is keeping his famous stache in the upcomingTwilight movie."It's the best of the series," Billy said about Eclipse, which hits theaters on June 30, 2010.


The very first and most important part of our interview with Stephenie Meyer is the very first thing we wanted to share with you. We have been bursting at the seems and wanting to scream from rooftops the Midnight Sun info we received direct from the horses mouth...Stephenie Meyer.

We didn't think any transcript would do it justice so we have an audio clip of that part of the interview!!! Hear Stephenie talk about Midnight Sun in a safe environment of drooling twilight fans! Let's just say we hung on her every word and so will you!

"It's not a no, it isn't going to happen. It's I wanna do it when I can do it right"

Disregard the first 16 seconds of chatter.... talk Midnight Sun with Stephenie Meyer by twifans talk Midnight Sun with Stephenie Meyer by twifans

So it will be completed someday we just don't know when. I guess it will forever give us something to look for. just knowing it will be completed is enough for me, for now.

Let's just say that when Stephenie Meyer started out the interview with Midnight Sun that Kim and I sighed a huge relief....we knew like Oprah (asking the Robsten dating question), that we had to go there. We didn't know how the day with Stephenie would go so we thought twifans #1 question could be represented in a gift. We wanted to give the gift to her at the end just in case it didn't go over well. I'm not gonna lie I was nervous.....we were pleasantly surprised when she started hysterically laughing and calling to her assistant to see our card. She said she is going to frame it. We consider this a huge success knowing our card might be represented somewhere in her office.

Kanye West-"I'mma let you finish about Bree Tanner,

BUT Midnight Sun is the best 1/2 story of all time!"

Stephenie Meyer tells us- AND I WAS LIKE "Kanye, why are you so obsessed with Edward Cullen?"

Thanks to all the fans 1,000's of tweets, 100's of comments, and family nudges to give us the courage to try to make Stephenie laugh about something we care so much about.

We are so happy that she confirmed that it will be finsihed someday. And you heard the lady "reverse psychology."

Note to Stephenie:

We don't want that book, it won't be that good anyways!!

Don't ever finish it that book.

We're so over it.

Half complete rocks, screw getting the whole thing.

Who needs it completed anyways...

I'm not that interested in the whole book.


Hehehe! He takes bubble baths! He's soooo ADOREABLE!!! And Emmett should TOTALLY have his own book. Stephenie, if you EVER read this, please consider!

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Sexy Peter Facinelli Photoshoot!!!!

Thanks alot, Peter! Now I need a new pair of panties, jeez!



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New Eclipse TV Spot “Epic” has a new Eclipse TV spot. See it here.

Among the new characters introduced in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse is Leah Clearwater, the Wolf Pack's one and only female shape shifter. Understandably, Leah's more than a little bitter about her new lycan status; you'd hate life, too, if your werewolf boyfriend dumped you because he "imprinted" on your BFF and you were forced to join his pack (and hear his thoughts) for all of eternity.

That hostility leads to an amusing scene in Eclipse between Leah and Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart), the human heroine of the Twilight Saga who thus far has never been taken to task for stringing along poor werewolf Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner). Leah, as played by 29-year-old actress Julia Jones (Hell Ride, Jonah Hex), is as deliciously resentful as we'd imagined her, tormented by her experience on the losing end of her own love triangle with Sam and Emily and desperate to prove herself as a new member of the pack.

In person, Julia Jones couldn't be farther from Leah Clearwater, although she understands the reasons for Leah's hostility towards the world. I caught up with her last weekend to discuss her Eclipse character, her rapport with her co-stars, and her role in this week's comic book-based supernatural Western, Jonah Hex (unfortunately, I just learned that her scenes from the latter film have been cut). She had high praise for Twilight co-star Taylor Lautner, with whom she'll get to play more in the upcoming Breaking Dawn films -- and almost as much passion for the hours of real life wolf footage she watched to prepare for her Eclipse role. Although she agreed that being a werewolf would have its definite drawbacks -- namely, finding yourself naked in the woods after reverting back to human form -- she looks forward to helping Leah reach her full bad ass potential in future Twilight sequels.

Hit the jump for my conversation with Eclipse actress Julia Jones!

Describe the audition that landed you the role of Leah Clearwater.

I have had a relationship with the casting director, Rene Haynes, for a couple of years; she cast me in at least one other thing. I went in and I read for her and for David Slade, spent about 20 minutes working on the character and figuring it out, and I came back about a week later and read for Renee and David and some of the producers again. And then I waited a whole month and heard that I got it, and then I waited another month until I could tell anyone! So it was normal in the beginning, and then pretty bizarre.

What scenes did you read during the casting process?

It was a scene pretty much straight out of the book, Breaking Dawn. The scene where I come and tell Jacob that I want to join his pack.

That's one thing we're looking forward to seeing in Breaking Dawn -- seeing you and Jacob break off from the Wolf Pack to form your own separate pack. Did you get to know Taylor very well while shooting Eclipse?

Yeah -- we obviously worked together and we hung out a couple of times outside of filming, and I'd seen him around L.A. I adore Taylor. One thing I think people don't fully appreciate about him is how smart he is; I think there's been so much attention paid to his abs and how gorgeous he is and everything, but I have a tremendous amount of respect for him. He's a really smart kid, and incredibly talented, committed, devoted…

The werewolves in Twilight are supposed to be so closely, supernaturally linked, that they can hear each others' thoughts. What did all of the members of the Wolf Pack do on set to build rapport during production?

We spent a lot of time together. The boys all work out; they all go to the gym at least once a day. And I probably had most of my meals with at least one of them while I was there. We went bowling, we went to movies… just normal kinds of fun stuff. We took walks. We walked a lot, because it was so pretty in Vancouver.

You and Boo Boo Stewart are new to the cast, playing new additions to the Wolf Pack who are brother and sister.

Boo Boo I think is in just one scene. I hope to [work more with him in Breaking Dawn]; that's a really fun one. I have a younger brother, also, so that's a dynamic I'm familiar with, and I love my younger brother so it would be fun to have one on screen for two more movies.

When we meet Leah in Eclipse, her entire body language is as hostile as her attitude towards Bella… what did you do to represent Leah's physicality, of a woman newly changed against her will into a wolf?

That's a really good question and nobody asks me about that. It was such a big part [of Leah]. That was, I would say, one of the biggest ways I kind of found her. The most obvious thing is, which it says in the book, that she's always frowning; she's angry a lot so physically, frowning was a part of it. Honestly, I watched wolves -- amazing YouTube footage of wolves -- and there's this program about this man who went and lived with wolves. He infiltrated this wolf pack and became the alpha of this wolf pack. It's long, and I watched the whole thing several times… there are things about how wolves move, and how they carry themselves, and their reactions to things, that I started to incorporate very subtly into how Leah carries herself.

The other thing about the physicality was that I think Leah has a lot of self loathing. The self-esteem issues that are warranted given all the things that she's going through -- those read in your body, too. Physically, it's like you almost want to hide. You're not comfortable with your body; you don't belong, you don't fit in.

Let's talk about some of those reasons that Leah's so bitter -- given her situation with Sam and Emily, I'd say her hostility is totally understandable.

She's so warranted! I can't think of another person, superhuman or human, who has more reason to be bitter and angry than Leah Clearwater. First of all, the love of her life has imprinted on her best friend, and she has to live with that -- she has to hear his thoughts of love for her best friend, and his thoughts of pity for her. I don't know which is worse, that or the fact that she's turned into a wolf. I think that might actually trump the heartbreak! But the story is that when the Cullens came, we started to shapeshift again and because there are so many Cullens, we went through all of the young males who had the right lineage. I had the right lineage even though I'm a girl, so I started changing also. Can you imagine? Something scary and physical happening to you? I wouldn't say that I break a nail and freak out, but I get a pimple and I freak out. I couldn't imagine changing into a wolf!

Especially if every time you did change, you shredded all of your clothes!

Yeah -- you shredded all of your clothes and you turn back and you're naked? Oh my gosh.

On the other hand, it's awesome to see a female werewolf back in pop culture.

It's super bad ass. I think maybe in future films it'll get a little more bad ass, but there's definitely a side to Leah that is super competitive, and really enjoys that she can just focus on being the fastest or one-upping the boys every now and then -- that's a way for her to take her power back and belong. She wants to just belong.

We also see you in this week's supernatural comic book Western adaptation Jonah Hex, in which you play Jonah's wife, whose death at the hands of John Malkovich propels him along his journey of vengeance. How much do we get to see of you, and in what context? [Note: Having seen the full film, it seems much of Jones's storyline was edited from Jonah Hex -- but there's always the DVD!]

A bit in the beginning, and then Jonah gets to a point where he can't go on. He has this gift of going into the afterworld, so I come back and help him on his way, in a way. I haven't seen it so I'm not sure how it appears, but she's a little bit of an omniscient kind of character. Really, she just knows him really well and she knows he's been doing all of these bad things and that's not who he really is, and he's in a position to do some good. She's sort of the person who knows him the best and who loved him, and who puts him on his way and lets him go. I think that was the hardest thing for me as an actor, dealing with the situation. You have to love him enough to let him go. When he comes to her it's almost like he's dead, he's going to die, and [Cassie's dilemma] is how badly she wants to keep him there. But she has to love him enough to say no, you have to go back and do the right thing.

Eclipse will be your third genre film in only a few years; is there something about working in genre movies that appeals to you?

I do like genre films. I like that there's a framework; it's clear what you can sort of draw on, and they have a certain type of following, a certain type of audience. I can get a lot from whatever genre the film is in, and from there you can expand and use your imagination.

Tune in for more exclusive interviews for The Twilight Saga: Eclipse all week!


Mr. & Mrs. Pattinson signing autographs

Rob's parents signing autographs outside Leno.
He looks just like his parents. :)


To learn more about this music festival click here.

New Eclipse Clip 'Ready'

I'm not going to watch this, so I can't comment on it.


Pack interview

In The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, the Cullen family of vampires and the Wolf Pack must learn to work together, in order to increase their chances of beating a very evil, very strong common enemy that threatens both of their existence. Because of that, fans will get to see a bit more of the wolves, including the love triangle between Alpha Sam Uley (Chaske Spencer), his soul mate, Emily (Tinsel Korey), and his ex, Leah Clearwater (Julia Jones).
At a press conference for the film, co-stars Chaske Spencer, Alex Meraz and Twilight newcomer Julia Jones talked about how grateful they are to be portraying the Native American community, in this way.

Q: Julia, how was it to join the Wolf Pack as the only female member?

Julia: You know, it happened really fast. All of a sudden, I was thrown into this group of boys and, for me personally, I was a tomboy growing up, so it felt really familiar. I have a younger brother, who’s about the same age as some of them, so there was something that resonated, initially. But, over the course of filming and some of the press that we’ve been doing, it’s like home. It just feels like family now, and it’s great.

Q: Were you a fan of the first two Twilight films? Had you known about the role at all?

Julia: I have a lot of friends who are big fans. I had never read the books before, but I actually had a very good friend of mine tell me about this role of Leah Clearwater. She said, “They’re going to make a movie out of it, and it’s you. This is going to be your role.” That’s something you hear, and it just goes in one ear and out the other. Like, “That’s sweet. She wants the best for me,” or whatever. And then, when I got the call for the audition, all I heard was, “You have an audition on Monday for Leah Clearwater in Twilight,” and I had this visceral reaction. My heart started beating really fast and I had to breathe. It was very strange. And then, I went to work.

Q: Are you a believer in the supernatural?

Julia: That’s a really good question. Yeah, I am. If I had to say yes or no, I’d say yes, for sure.

Q: How was working with David Slade this time, compared to working with Chris Weitz last time?

Chaske: They’re both really good directors. With David, he was very precise in what he wanted. He knew exactly, and so did Chris. But, what I liked about David is that he was fast. It was quick. I like working with different directors. It keeps you on your toes. He was a sweet, charming man.

Alex: I enjoyed working with him for the fact that I experiment with doing short films and being a filmmaker and, seeing his process, I realized that he’s very much a filmmaker and not so much just a director. There were moments where he threatened to just actually get the camera himself and film it. He was so involved. He always had a camera wrapped around his neck and he was documenting the whole process. That was really exciting and inspiring to see. And, Chris Weitz was just incredible. He was such a gentleman. For me, entering this phenomenon that is Twilight, it was really great to have someone at the helm like that, to just guide us into it smoothly. Now that we’ve transitioned into another film, we know the gist. We know where to go with it. And, David was just a great person to take on the franchise.

Q: What was the hardest scene for you to film?

Julia: The hardest scene for me to film was also the most fun for me. It was a scene, towards the end of the film, in the midst of the big battle, and it was raining and cold. There were so many characters in it, so it was pretty chaotic on set, and it all had to happen really, really fast. I think it was a scene that was originally scheduled to be completed in two days, and it wound up taking at least twice that time to finish. It was chaotic and physically demanding because you were freezing and wearing very little. It was also demanding, emotionally. That was the challenge, but after a certain point, you just enjoy yourself because really it doesn’t get better than that. You’re with a bunch of great people and in a gorgeous place, doing what you love.

Alex: I think the hardest scene is the scene she was talking about. We were running and it was raining and there was about a foot of water. My background is in dancing and I feel like I’m really good on my feet. I told the rest of the cast, “All right, you guys, it’s slippery out there. Don’t put the weight on your heel. Go on the balls of your feet. You’ll be able to dig into the floor better and you’ll get more traction.” So, we had to cut the corner and everyone else did it great. And then, of course, I slipped and fell. I had mud all over and there was water everywhere. And, the scene that they used, where we run up to Jacob, if you look at me, I’m in the back with a smirk on my face because they used that take, the moment after me slipping. I was trying not to laugh.

Julia: I just remember getting to our mark and being like, “Where’s Alex?” And then, Alex appeared and he was all muddy, and I heard David say, “That’s it! That’s perfect!”

Alex: It was real.

Chaske: I heard him! When we were running, and I heard him slip and fall, and I heard the f-bomb.

Q: Do you feel the Twilight franchise has created more opportunities for Native American actors outside of the franchise?

Chaske: Yes, it has. What I like about it is that it has brought us to pop culture in a way that’s never been done before in film. We’ve been around for a while. I’ve been working for about 10 years, and Alex and Julia have also been around and working. What I like about it is that it’s finally brought us to a place where we’re not always playing with the leather and feather. That’s how we paid our dues. It’s up to the media as well to accept us as other than being just the mystical figures and speaking with accent all the time. I’ve done that so many times. The kids are more accepting of us than anything else. That’s what’s really cool.

Julia: What excites me is that we’re being put in front of children and people who are in the process of defining their ideas of what Native Americans are. I think that’s probably the most valuable aspect of the way that Native Americans are portrayed in this film. I still feel a lot of adults and the media are trying to figure it out. I’m not an actress yet. I’m a Native American actress. It’s not quite normalized to most people who grew up watching most Native movies, like Dances with Wolves, Geronimo and all of those.

Alex: And, the Twilight films are in a contemporary setting. We don’t have bows and arrows. We don’t even have clothes, though.

Julia: It’s a step in the right direction.

Q: Have you heard from any of the tribes and, in particular, the one on which this was based?

Alex: The fascinating thing about portraying a tribe that actually does exist is that the stuff Stephenie had taken from the tribe, she mixed it in the realm of fantasy. But now, a lot of people are going to Washington State, to La Push, where the Quileute tribe actually do reside, and they’re learning more. They’re forced to ask questions and learn more about the culture. I think that it’s great that they’re getting a spotlight to introduce and tell the real creation story. That’s important. Fans are so into it that they want to learn where this germinated from and learn about the root of where the Wolf Pack comes from.

Chaske: All over Native country, we’re getting feedback and they’re saying, “It’s about time.” We’ve got mad support from our people on the reservations. It’s just opened up a whole different door to us. And, it’s also a little pressure because we have to be role models now. It’s something that scares me as well because that’s a big load to take on.

Julia: It is so gratifying to hear from people who look up to you and see you in these places that they never thought they could ever dream to be. It’s emotional. You really feel like you’re opening up people’s minds, who otherwise thought that they couldn’t dream big. That’s such a huge opportunity. It’s such a gift.

Chaske: Statistically, we’re not supposed to be here. We grew up on reservations and it’s a third-world country there. There is a lot of poverty, a lot of alcoholism and lot of drug addiction. So, we’re very fortunate to be here, and we know that. We’re very lucky and grateful.

Q: Julia, can you talk about your role in Jonah Hex (in theaters on June 18th)? How was that to film?

Julia: That was also an incredible experience. My character’s name is Cassie. She’s Josh Brolin’s wife. She and our young son are killed, early on in the film, and that’s what motivates Jonah Hex. He gets very bitter and he goes around killing. He’s a bounty hunter. I was not there for very long, but that experience was so great because I was on set with Josh [Brolin], and with John Malkovich and Michael Fassbender, who is an incredible actor. And, the timing was awesome too because I had come off of Eclipse and then I had done a play. At the end of this experience, I was like, “This is what I want to do. This is exactly the kind of thing, these are the kind of people, this is the type of set and this is the feeling that I want to have.” So, I had that in my mind, at this point when, all of a sudden, opportunities started coming as a result of Eclipse. I just felt like I have an idea of where I want to go.

Q: Is there any part of the creation of the Wolf Pack story that is featured in the movie that’s true?

Alex: It’s taken from an actual creation story, but it’s a bit turned around. The mythology of the creation story is that the descendants of the Quileute came from wolves, but they weren’t able to transform back. That’s the part that Stephenie took, but in her books, we can transform back and forth. She did a lot of research on it, even the name. I believe there is a certain creation story and mythology that, in La Push, the first Caucasian man that had ever been on the reservation had the last name of Swan. So, she used little things like that, which I find really interesting. She did her homework.

Q: Can you talk about the love triangle with Sam, Leah and Emily, and how that affects their story in the film?

Chaske: What happened was that, when the vampires come back, Sam Uley becomes a werewolf. He didn’t know what was going on with him, and he didn’t know why this happening, so he went through it all by himself. He had no one there to guide him. And, what happened was that he was dating Leah, but there was this thing called imprinting, which is when you imprint on someone that is your soul mate, and it happened to be Emily, Leah’s cousin. As Sam was going through all these changes, there were other members of the tribe that were going through the same thing, so he helped guide them through it and pretty much is like a coach or a sponsor. That’s what he does with Jacob, in the books. And, when he was going through these changes, one of the things that happened was that he, unfortunately, mauls Emily. That’s why she has the scars on her face. So, you’ll see some of the love triangle in the movie, where Leah gives Sam some dirty looks, from time to time. It’s a wonderful story. I liked it. That’s really what attracted me to Sam. I like the fact that there’s this tragedy there. He didn’t want this, in the beginning. No one would ever want that, and he had no choice. That separates the wolves from the vampires as well. At that last minute, some of them have a choice. Sam didn’t have a choice.

Q: So, Sam feels for Jacob’s predicament with Bella?

Chaske: Oh, yeah, he does. He has to. And, Jacob is actually the rightful Alpha male. He doesn’t want it, so he gave it to Sam. Sam is the unfortunate one who has to lead the pack.

Julia: It’s also interesting because one of the major aspects of the wolves is that we hear each other’s thoughts when we’re wolves. It’s almost like there’s this whole other world that’s going on. It’s in subtext, in the film. I don’t know how you could possibly portray people reading each other’s thoughts, but there are so many layers operating for all of us. Leah can hear Sam’s thoughts about her best friend, Emily, and she can hear his thoughts of pity toward her.

Chaske: In real life, that would suck.

Q: How did it feel to join a franchise with such a big fan base?

Alex: It’s like jumping into a hot pan. You just know you’re going to get cooked and, hopefully, it’s cooked well. It’s definitely exciting. I felt a great deal of responsibility. I used to go around to reservations and teach health and wellness conferences, and art and dance, so I knew that I was going to be looked at as a role model, and that was scary to know. But, I just made sure first that I could represent myself in a good way. I tried to prepare for it as best as I could, and just made sure I read the books and did my homework. Luckily enough, I made some really great friends along the way, which helped to make me really comfortable with whatever came with it.

Julia: I was terrified. Sometimes, I still am. In the beginning, you’re a certain size in your life, and then, all of a sudden, you get much, much smaller and every other aspect is much bigger than you actually are. You have to just accept that and enjoy it because you’re a part of something that means something to so many people. We all are so committed to our characters and to telling these stories. I was so surprised at Taylor and Kristen’s grounded-ness. They were the first two people I met. We show up to work, we really care and we want to do the best we can. I feel like that bonds us and makes work fun, and there’s a lot of work. That also took away the fear.

Chaske: It’s easy to work with this cast. Some of them have been working for a while, and for some of them, it’s their big break, and they all know that. What I like about it is that everyone’s humble. Everyone really knows this is a gift. This is something that doesn’t come around too often. When I joined this franchise, I knew it was going to be big, but I didn’t expect this. No one really gives you a book on how to do this or how to operate at this level. There are ways to keep your life private. There are ways to conduct yourself and do good work. In the end, we’re just actors, but we’re very lucky actors. This is a great franchise and it’s going to be an amazing pop culture phenomenon, but eventually the next thing’s going to come along. We’re trying to get ahold of good opportunities. It’s a fun ride to be on. I have had some amazing opportunities and experiences.

Q: Julia, you and BooBoo Stewart were the new additions to this seemingly tight-knit group of actors. Did the Wolf Pack have any hazing rituals that they put you through?

Julia: I would say that every five minutes someone was being hazed in the Wolf Pack, and it was me, half the time.

Alex: When someone gets cast in these select few roles, you know that they’ve gone through a lot because there are so many people who want to be in this franchise that instantly you’re really excited for them. When BooBoo and Julia got cast, and Xavier Samuel, you just knew that it was like American Idol. Thousands of people were going out for those roles. The first reaction is that you take your hat off and say, “Good job! Congratulations!,” and then, you get to know them more, but I don’t think it’s really hazing. Personally, I just tease people a lot. That’s the Paul thing.

Chaske: In New Moon, and we tease each other a lot to keep us humble. If the ego would get too big, we’d cut each other down.

Julia: I always had this feeling that was something in my hair. I always felt like things were touching me.

Q: For Breaking Dawn, is there anything specific that you hope your character gets to do?

Chaske: I just hope there’s more Wolf Pack. They’ve been really good about keeping storylines. Stephenie is on set, too. The fans obviously really like the movies because they’re keeping a pretty straight line on it, and I think Breaking Dawn is going to be the same thing. They’re going to do justice by the fans.

Q: What Native American legend would you love see made into a movie someday?

Chaske: I’ve always had a fascination with Crazy Horse. He’s from my tribe, the Sioux, and I’ve read so many books about him. That’s something I would really like to bring to the screen. I don’t want to be Crazy Horse, but I’d like to direct it. It’s just one of those stories that a lot of people don’t know about. He’s such a mystical figure, a warrior and a leader that he just fascinates me, as a character.

Julia: Has there been a movie made about Sacajawea? She’s been in a couple movies, but there hasn’t been one just about her.

Alex: Night at the Museum.

Julia: That doesn’t count! There aren’t very many notable Native American female figures, historically. There’s Pocahontas and Sacajawea. I’ve heard of stories of family members of mine that are interesting, but it’s not quite the same for the girls.

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse opens on June 30th


Be The Shift Videos!

So as you know... our girl Crystal was on the Red Carpet at Chaske Spencer's Be The Shift event. She represented BlackPack and TheMerazEffect w/ style and class even when photogs got bout it bout it. cuz you know Marisa would have cut somebody... but anyway here are the red carpet videos from the event.

Much love to Jeni White and her crew at Shift the Power to the People/United Global Shift.



Tinsel Korey talks Be The Shift, music and so much more. thanks for the love Tinsel

Who's creepin' up our list of wolves we wanna squishy!? Tyson Houseman that's who!

Mad love to Yazzie for showin' us some love. we're crazy about you too!

So many great people at the event and we didn't get to talk to them all but here are a few we managed to grab...

hubba Rick Mora


Be The Shift images uploded!

Be The Shift photos uploaded here...ALL photos are from Black Pack

Taylor..."eyecandy"? DUH!!!

During the Be The Shift event, Alex Meraz was asked by Tinsel Dreams if he has other organizations that he works with besides Be The Shift. Alex mentioned that since Twilight, he has learned more about Defenders of Wildlife. Part of their mission is to save the grey wolves.

Here is the video by Tinsel Dreams...

You can learn more about the grey wolf situation and what you can do to help (including adopting a wolf!) by clicking here

Julia Jones on Artists on Demand

Don't forget to catch Julia Jones (Leah Clearwater) on Artists on Demand tonight at 9 pm est. On Monday they had Boo Boo Stewart on the show. you can listen to archived shows on their podcast player

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Gossip Cop has learned that there will be a special screening of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse in New York on Monday, June 28.

While Robert Pattinson will not attend due to his commitments with Water for Elephants, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner are expected to be at the screening, along with a number of other cast members.

The film opens nationwide on June 30


Rob defends Team Edward! GO ROB!!!!!

*sigh* My hero! Lol! Either way, the girl has good taste, but she needs to seriously update it with some Edward. Lol!


View more photos here.



Robert on Leno June 15, 2010

I love it! His dad is such a know Rob got some of that. ;) My cute lil geek pulls out his phone and reads his daddy's email. awww!!! I just fell even more in love with this beautiful man. *sigh*


I bout the New Moon Edward cut out and it's stuffed somewhere in storage because I'm moving, but it freaked me out so much that I left it in the closet after spend like 30 bucks on it. If you don't mind something that isn't real staring at you while you sleep these things are fine, but if you do mind...don't waste your money. Btw, this is two-sided.


Preview the Eclipse Score on iTunes

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Rob "raunchy"? *gasp* NEVER!

Robert says "I don't really remember that bit," he confessed. "I remember seeing
that scene though and thinking, God, I don't remember doing that! That's
a little bit saucy. That's a little raunchy for a 'Twilight' movie." I thinks it's safe to say that ever female in this world, besides you non Rob fans aka weird humans, would love to get "raunchy" with Rob in that perticular scene!


WARNING: The link to listen to the interview opens windows media player, so if you don't have it or just don't want it to open, click the source button.

This exclusive one-on-one audio interview, Twilight Saga Melissa Rosenberg talks Eclipse and details on Breaking Dawn.

Click here to listen to the interview.

Peter Facinelli, Liz Reaser, Nikki Reed, Jackson Rathbone and Ashley Greene (The Cullens) Video Interview THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECL from ColliderVideos on Vimeo.

Catch up with the Cullens

Lol! Jackson is just like "I know there's a kid out there that's going to be eating dog food." Lol! It's priceless because there probably is! Ashley has a background in martial arts? Thats AWESOME!


Kellan on the set of 'Immortals'

I know most of you are OMG over the cigerette and I don't like it either. (Kellan, you should really try to stop. We love you and what you're doing to your lungs is bad and weakens your body.) but honestly, it's his body and his business.


JustJared posted a few pictures of Kellan on the Set of his new movie ‘Immortals‘ in which he plays Greek god Poseidon, lord of the sea.

View all here

Thank you KLO!

I wish I had a trainner that looked like Kellan...I totally wouldm't miss a workout. Lol!

Kellan Lutz's abs epiphany came during an eighth-grade graduation party at a water park. "Before then, I never knew abs were attractive," he says. "Where I grew up in Arizona, you would never see anyone without a shirt on at school. But when I took off my shirt, all the girls were, like, 'Oh, look at your abs!' And I was, like, 'Yeah!'"

Psychologists call this "positive reinforcement." And Lutz instinctively knew what to do: Stay active.

It's understandable to be ticked off by Lutz's looks, which are great despite the deathly pallor of his vampire character in the Twilight flicks. Men resent other men who are that good-looking and that fit. It seems too easy.

But it wasn't. The 25-year-old's advantage was an early love of athletics, but he's had to put in constant effort to maintain his physique. He played football in high school (plus trombone in the marching band—a hell of a timemanagement trick), hit the gym regularly for years, and considered becoming a Navy SEAL. One of the reasons he attended Chapman University was its location—near the beach.

If only we'd made fitness part of our lifestyle as kids, then ... But there's no reason we can't start now.

Hell, Lutz's workout regimen had been an unfocused mishmash for years--until he filmed the HBO series Generation Kill in 2007. How do a bunch of guys stuck in the African desert kill time for 7 months? They do exactly what you and your friends should do: challenge one another. In Lutz's case, that involved pushup and situp contests and lifting weights in a makeshift gym. One fellow actor, a former pole vaulter named Rich McDonald, offered Lutz some helpful tips; now they're regular training buddies.

To stay in shape after The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, Lutz starts every workout with 5 minutes of cardio and follows it up with core work. "Activating the core maximizes muscle utilization in every other exercise," McDonald says. Translation: Core work makes your body ready to rock. After a few sets of powerful full-body movements, Lutz and McDonald do simpler exercises that target specific muscles, letting their bodies recover a bit before another blast of energy and muscle-fiber recruitment.

When exhaustion compromises Lutz's form, McDonald has him back off—even if Lutz wants to continue. It's more important that he do things right. Otherwise he'll risk hurting himself.

The workouts don't end when Lutz leaves the gym. While it's impossible to stay perfectly faithful to a routine, it's easier to stay active when fitness blends naturally into your day. That's why Lutz hikes, and swims in his backyard pool with his shepherd husky, Kola. He even does lunges while he's out walking Kola.

Food used to be a problem, though: Good eating habits weren't something Lutz had an early start on. He was one of eight kids raised by a divorced mother. "With a big family and not a lot of money, we ate whatever we got," he says. Years later he could still eat 10 Taco Bell tacos in one sitting. "By the time I got to the eighth one, I'd feel so sick."

No longer. Now Lutz eats small meals every 2 to 3 hours, and he never skips breakfast. Because of that, he's energetic all day. And he's never too hungry, so he's less prone to overeat. To keep his metabolism humming overnight, Lutz downs a hard-boiled egg before bed.

The dividends are as much mental as physical. Fitness teaches him to channel his energy. Just before we spoke, Lutz had been dealing with two flat tires and was pretty annoyed. "I'm not usually a down person, so when something like that happens, I go to the gym and run it off—work out, make my blood pump."


Follow these rules to enhance your workout.

Buddy Up The benefits of working with a trainer far outlast those of solo sessions. "It's great to have someone to push you and hold you accountable," says Lutz.

Create a Game Bored with a routine? Here's a game Lutz plays: Spread out a deck of cards, pick a card, and guess its color. If you're right, your partner must do the number of pushups displayed on the card. If you're wrong, do double that number in crunches. Go through the deck and you'll both do about a combined 300 crunches and pushups.

Lay Off the Abs When Lutz first began exercising in high school, he'd do crunches for hours every day. Wrong move: Those muscles need time to recover. "I saw much better results when I hit my abs harder and less frequently," he says.

Grow Proportionally Lutz used to focus on his chest and arms, and ignored his skinny legs--but that made him awkward and out of balance. "You can't just build a huge chest and arms. You need to work out your body evenly," he says. "Otherwise, A, you'll look weird, and B, it's not the best for your body."

Go on to the next page for Lutz's full-body blast workout.


Complete a set of each exercise in succession. Rest, drink some water, and repeat. Build up to three circuits as your strength and stamina increase.

Reverse Crunch (20 Reps)

V-UP (20 Reps)

Barbell Front Squat to Push Press(12 Reps)

Pushup (12 Reps)

Incline dumbbell press (12 Reps)

Explosive pushup (12 Reps)

Lunge (12 Reps)

Goblet squat (12 Reps)


TSOT Newsletter!

Hey everyone,

This weekend (June 18) I'm going to go to my granny's house and I'm not taking my phone. Therefore I won't be updating any of the new sources. I have asked the beautiful, sweet, and tealented Alma ( @Robstendreams/@HotSexyRob24) to take over on the twitter account for me and she said she would. I trust that she'll do a great job. Please be nice to her and show her love and I'll be back on Monday (June 21).


Much love,

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Eclipse interviews galore!

InStyle has a fun article where they plan all the aspects of Edward and Bella’s wedding from the engagement ring to the invitations to the wedding cake and more. Check it out here.


New Clip: Victoria On the Run

Omg, they look so amazing! I think I can speak for all or most of the female followers...I wish I had Ashley's body! And for you Kellan gals out there...I wish I could just lick Kellan's....anywho! Lol! Feel free to comment.


While Ashley is on the cover of the latest issue of Women’s Health, Kellan graces the cover of Men’s Health. Both covers are for the July/August issues of the magazines, and both Ashley and Kellan look fantastic!

From Women’s Health:

Never has the un-dead been so sexy. But Greene says she’s not like most women in Hollywood anyway. “I don’t want a child’s body,” she says of the drive to be thin. “I want a woman’s body that is extremely fit. It’s so much sexier. “

Another thing 23-year-old Greene is certain of: her type of man. “I love a pretty boy with an edge, ” she tells Woman’s Health. “Someone who has blue eyes, who has mystery, and who’s a little brooding.”

From Men’s Health:

Kellan Lutz’s abs epiphany came during an eighth-grade graduation party at a water park. “Before then, I never knew abs were attractive,” he says. “Where I grew up in Arizona, you would never see anyone without a shirt on at school. But when I took off my shirt, all the girls were, like, ‘Oh, look at your abs!’ And I was, like, ‘Yeah!’ “