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Justin Chon is back!!!

After the positive feedback from the birth of our Seriously series, we've got another rising Korean-American for you guys!

Twilight. Ring any bells? It's this little book that came out about vampires a few years back by Stephanie Meyer that has a fan following spanning in the millions... no big.

But in all seriousness, Meyer seems to have grasped the holy grail to the hearts of this generation's teenage girls (and guys!) with her vampire romance quartet. Since it hit the shelves in 2005, the novel has been turned into an ongoing series of films bragging well-known names in the entertainment industry. But forget Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson and check out the real cutie of the series: Eric Yorkie, or rather, Justin Chon. After featuring him in April, Justin's back again!

Hailing from Southern California, Justin Chon is on our radar as someone to keep an eye out for on the Asian American celebrity scene. Talent runs in his blood as well - Chon's father was a well-known film & television actor, and his mother an accomplished pianist. Since his acting debut in 2005 with Taki & Luci and Jack & Bobby, Chon has come a long way.

Of course, the 28-year-old doesn't owe his rising stardom to the Twilight series alone - you may recognize his face from popular movies like Disney's Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior, Nickelodeon's Just Jordon and The O.C.. Aside from working on New Moon (Twilight's latest movie), Chon also played a role in the 2009 film Balls Out: The Gary Houseman Story opposite Sean William Scott, Randy Quaid and Leonor Varela. In this comedy, Chon plays a member of the tennis team, Joe Chang, under the direction of Scott.

However, Chon doesn't limit himself to mainstream series and has roles in more serious films as well. The actor also claimed the star role in Crossing Over, a 2009 Weinstein Company film that deals with the hardships of culture clash. Directed by Wayne Kramer, Crossing Over revolves around an teenage immigrant's (Chon) struggles with his former life in Korea and new lifestyle in Los Angeles.

Despite his successes in acting, Chon is far from limiting himself to an acting career - he's got his own clothing store called "The Attic" and has big plans for the future.

So what does this rising actor have in store for us? Twilight's sequel, New Moon is getting closer and set to hit the big screen on November 20th. We've also got an exclusive interview coming up very soon, so if you have any questions you'd like to ask, post them below!

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Want the 100 monkeys to come to you?

This just announced by 100 Monkeys:

“We’re letting fans choose 20 cities in the US that we are going to play at on our tour.

They need to send their name, city, state and age all in the subject line

The info should have a comma between each item. name, city, state, age

The winning cities will be announced October 28th. This is for US cities only. The Canadian contest will start November 1st.

I just sent our in!

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Rob in GQ style magazine

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 Just in from Summit: The iTunes pre-order for The Twilight Saga: New Moon Original Motion Picture Soundtrack launched today with 4 exclusive bonus songs, including an original song from Lupe Fiasco entitled ‘Solar Midnite.’ As with all the songs on the soundtrack, these bonus songs will be heard in the The Twilight Saga: New Moon movie and are previously unreleased. In addition, by preordering the soundtrack through iTunes now, you can immediately download Anya Marina’s ‘Satellite Heart.’ The song debuted yesterday exclusively through MySpace, Click here to listen.

The Twilight Saga: New Moon will be in theaters 11.20.09
The soundtrack will be in stores on 10.20.09.
Pre-order the album through iTunes here

‘The Twilight Saga: New Moon’ Original Motion Picture Soundtrack tracklist:

1. Death Cab for Cutie- Meet Me On The Equinox
2. Band Of Skulls- Friends
3. Thom Yorke- Hearing Damage
4. Lykke Li- Possibility
5. The Killers- A White Demon Love Song
6. Anya Marina- Satellite Heart
7. Muse- I Belong To You (New Moon Remix)
8. Bon Iver & St. Vincent- Rosyln
9. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club- Done All Wrong
10. Hurricane Bells- Monsters
11. Sea Wolf- The Violet Hour
12. OK Go- Shooting The Moon
13. Grizzly Bear (with Victoria Legrand)- Slow Life
14. Editors- No Sound But The Wind
15. Alexandre Desplat- New Moon (The Meadow)

16. Lupe Fiasco - Solar Midnite
17. The Magic Numbers And Amadou & Mariam - All I Believe In
18. APM Orchestra. - Die Fledermaus ? Duettino: Ach, ich darf nicht hin zu dir
19. Death Cab For Cutie - Meet Me On The Equinox (Music Video)
20. Ulf Bastlein - Wandrers Nachtlied II, Op. 96, No. 3, D.768 (pre-order only)

For more information please visit and

Special Thanks to Twilight Poison

Pre-Order the New Moon score

We have some great news for all of you wondering when you can get your hands on the Twilight Saga: New Moon score! Now that we have an official date and list for the soundtrack, it only seems fitting that we finally get word on the score. According to
the score for New Moon will be released on November 24th. The New Moon score will be composed by Alexandre Desplat, who also has the song New Moon - The Meadow on the New Moon soundtrack. You can pre-order the score at Amazon right now for $14.99 here

Alexandre Desplat
is a French composer who has scored more than 100 films and TV shows since 1985. He’s best known for his Golden Globe-nominated score to Girl with a Pearl Earring, as well as contemplative soundtracks to Hostage, Syriana, The Painted Veil and The Queen, which earned his first Oscar nomination. You can check out Alexandre’s official website here.

Special thanks to Twilighters Anonymous


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He is attractive, and with appearances in all three of the upcoming Twilight Saga films (November’s New Moon and Breaking Dawn and Eclipse, slated for 2010 and 2011, respectively), audiences will have a plethora of opportunities to see so for themselves.

“In Eclipse, you’re not going to see much, but Breaking Dawn is an opportunity for me to really show his power and if they allow me to just let loose. It’s really exciting.”

"He," of course, is Demetri, Bewley’s vampire alter ego. He describes his character as, “vicious, aggressive, dark and efficient. Lethal. But at the same time, he’s not evil; just by our standards, the things he does are evil.”

The way Bewley sees it, Demetri “has a lot of misplaced energy, or a lot of unused energy, and that kind of manifests in his behavior. When I first started thinking about the character, I did the whole animal thing, and I just worked out that he was this killer housecat -- just in the way he is and his attention is fairly ADD. But his attention is always towards something that’s moving or something that’s happening, and he wants to be part of that and he wants to get his hand on it. It’s constant. He just wants to run or chase. But he’s very kind of confined within this sort of mafioso arrangement that the Volturi coven is. He’s contained. And he just wants to go. And this is since Jane and Alec have come on the scene, because they are now the heads, and there’s no more fighting, so he’s kind of bored. He’s looking for action.”

Prior to conjuring up these characteristics (he even ran Demetri’s back story by series author Stephenie Meyer), Bewley had to earn the role. He auditioned twice for Demetri and once for the role of Marcus. He was “elated” to get the part of the Volturi tracker, as he feels he and the vampire share similar qualities.

“It makes it easier, yeah, number one. Number two, I think right now, I think I just have to be, in an acting sense, fairly loyal to the energy I’ve got as a person. And right now, I’ve got a lot of energy, and I want that to be shown in everything I do. Demetri is a character who hasn’t really -- in Eclipse, you’re not going to see much, but Breaking Dawn is an opportunity for me to really show his power, and if they allow me to just let loose … it’s really exciting.”

Eclipse, the Saga’s third installment, is currently being filmed in Vancouver. The film, following the series’ habit of bringing in a new director for each installment, is being directed by David Slade, best known for the dark comedy Hard Candy and another atmospheric vampire flick, 30 Days of Night.

“Eclipse is going to be dark, and it’s going to be dreadful," Bewley says, "It’s going to be gory and brutal.”

If the hype surrounding New Moon is any indication of the success Eclipse will experience, then the third film is going to be huge, and Bewley, huger with it. He attributes the film franchise’s success thus far to one key element.

“They go insane because Rob did a really good job in the first one. That’s why they’re obsessed with vampires … Those two are just brilliant together. They really are. It’s a perfect match. No one has ever really questioned whether they were the right people or not, they’ve always just been perfect. Really well cast."

Of his co-star Kristen Stewart, often criticized in tab-blogs for being standoffish, Bewley says, “I think she could be a lot like Bella. She doesn’t want too much attention, and she picks her friends wisely and she’s someone who just wants to do her work. Not everyone is going to be like Jamie [Campbell Bower] or me or someone who loves this whole attention thing and laps it up and sees it as a life experience. Some people are more reserved, just ‘I just want to keep myself to myself and do my thing and sorry if I can’t give all of my energy to you.’ Maybe it’s because I have so much energy."

Bewley hasn’t yet reached the tabloid-cover level of fame, a la Rob and Kristen, but he has gotten a taste of what his co-stars’ very public lives are like.

“When it first happened, I started getting rounds of phone calls because my number was on my website. When it was first announced, those first few days were kind of weird. It was like, OK ... and you start Googling yourself and there’s more and more and more and more stuff.

I just worry about what’s going to come out because I’ve had a big past and I’ve done a lot of things before and I’m ultra-paranoid someone’s going to come on there and say something. But it doesn’t happen like that. Everyone just watches and smiles and enjoys it for you.”

Considering that Bewley has gone from cab driver to major motion picture vampire royalty in a few short years, it's likely that the characters of his past, whoever they may be, are indeed smiling. What's certain is that his thousands of new fans are too.


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Charlie Bewley won’t say how old he is.

He also won’t elaborate on the details of his seemingly scandal-heavy past, which he alludes to frequently, nebulously describing it as “erratic, risky, bread-line. High highs, low lows." In passing, he mentions turbulent romances and family dramas, and says he doesn’t really drink anymore, but keeps mum on the reasons why. He is decidedly mysterious.

“I have to be,” Bewley says.

What’s known is that Bewley is a British expat who worked several snow seasons in ski mecca Whistler after immigrating to Canada several years ago. For a time, he supported himself by driving a cab (“I had the most money out of all my friends”) and later moved to Vancouver, a two-ish-hour drive from Whistler, to pursue his acting career. The choice necessitated another move to Los Angeles in September of this year.

This is, of course, because Bewley plays the Volturi vampire Demetri in the upcoming New Moon, the second installment of the culturally permeating Twilight Saga series.

Last year’s Twilight grossed $383 million worldwide and set just as many hearts, mostly female, into hysterics with its story of forbidden human/vampire romance. The Saga’s trio of teen dream leads, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner, and especially Robert Pattinson, are suddenly, ridiculously famous, with their faces gracing tabloid covers on an almost weekly basis under headlines like “Rob Risks It All for Kristen.”

The Twilight series is a juggernaut running on the romantic fantasies and babysitting money of its largely teenage audience, a group that literally screams and cries for all things Twilight. The series has spawned dolls, videogames, charm bracelets and (seriously) decorative throws. But it’s the actors, no matter how bit their part, that are the franchise’s most sought after commodity.

Bewley’s role in New Moon is his first professional acting gig, and it thrusts him into the unique position of being at once both fresh to the Hollywood solar system and very, very famous in the alternative universe that is the Twilight subculture. Bewley, however, says he doesn't feel "suddenly famous" and admits he’s long dealt with being well-known, saying, cryptically, that he’s “always been fairly infamous in the circles I travel in.”

Now, he's immensely in demand among the human waves of teen girls who mobbed him while he was shooting New Moon on location in Montepulciano, Italy.

“Italy was a dream. Very surreal,” Bewley says. “I think everyone there, no matter who it was, Rob [Pattinson], Kristen [Stewart], [director] Chris [Weitz] or anyone else would say that it was an experience that they may never go through again. The hospitality of the whole thing, the way they treated us, the whole setting was so magnificent. “

“I was just swamped with 15-year-old girls wherever I went. My inner 14-year-old teenager in my head had a great time.”

While being pursued through the streets of Montepulciano by Twilight fanatics was a magical experience for him, Bewley acquiesces that there is a pressure induced by the immenseness of Twilight‘s popularity that he has yet to experience in the way that the film’s perpetually photographed leads have.

“Rob, I feel sorry for him a little bit,” Bewley says. “I feel for him, because he’s like a paparazzi fugitive right now. He can’t leave his house. He’s the most photographed person in the world.”

Bewley says it’s hard for him to say whether the attention Pattinson receives might make it difficult for the fellow Brit to enjoy his success, but that he, “can’t imagine he would ever say he wishes it didn’t happen, but it is a ridiculous thing to happen to anyone. He’s gone from zero to hero in six months, and his life is just totally turned upside down. I don’t know. I didn’t really speak to him in depth that much about it. But me in that situation, I think I just enjoy the parts of life that he can’t do right now too much.”

Those parts of life include exercising (he’s a diligent runner and also snowboards and plays rugby), not watching TV, enjoying the ability to walk out his front door without being photographed and working on his career.

“I’m not in that kind of like Zac Efron youth zone anymore,” he says, “I’m pushing through … I don’t really have time for anything else while I’m getting where I want to go. And then when I get there, I’ll start enjoying things I used to enjoy.”

The Twilight Saga offers an inevitable surge in visibility, a built-in fan base and an opportunity to work consistently while rounding out the series, making it a new actor's wildest fantasy kind of job -- albeit an intense and somewhat strange world to enter.

Admitting that it’s odd to be adored just by virtue of the (very well-known) character he plays, Bewley says, “It’s ridiculous. Like ‘I love you, I’m your biggest fan.’ How? My mum’s my biggest fan, or my sister or someone like that. They know me. [The fans are] just very not fickle. They look at you like, ‘Wow, he’s attractive.’

KEEP READING: Eclipse and Breaking Dawn secrets!

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AMONG the many proposed comic book adaptations in the holding pen at Warner Bros is the junior superhero team Teen Titans.

The line-up has until recently included Starfire, a princess from the planet Tamaran who can harness ultraviolet radiation and use it to fly and to create destructive bolts of energy. She also has superhuman strength and can assimilate other languages through physical contact.

On some forums, fans have put forward the name of Twilight actress Ashley Greene - who plays Alice Cullen in the vampire film franchise - as one possibility to play the character.

Greene isn't a bad choice for the role. The 22-year-old's Twilight credentials would also boost the profile of any Teen Titans movie.

Megan Fox has also been suggested for Starfire - although she seems to be a fan candidate for every available female comic book role - along with Jenna Dewan.

But it doesn't look like the Teen Titans film will get made anytime soon. A live-action movie adaptation was announced back in May 2007, with Akiva Goldsman and Kerry Foster producing and Mark Verheiden writing the script. However, nothing has been heard about the project for a long time.

The Teen Titans comic first appeared in 1964 as a junior Justice League, comprising Robin, Kid Flash, Aqualad, Wonder Girl and Speedy, the respective sidekicks of Batman, Flash, Aquaman, Wonder Woman and Green Arrow.

In the 80s, the team was relaunched with the characters as college-age adults and new members including Cyborg, Starfire and Raven, while Robin matured into Nightwing.

Most recently, the comic was adapted into an animated TV series that ran from 2003-2006.

Verheiden had said of the proposed film: "One thing I can tell you is that there will be a Nightwing story and Robin is in it, too", implying that Robin's character arc would see him take on the Nightwing persona.

Heroes actor Milo Ventimiglia has said he would love to play Nightwing, as I reported last year.

A new comic book line-up for the Teen Titans is soon to be unveiled following the departure of Starfire, Cyborg and Wonder Girl.

The new team will be led by antihero Deathstroke, while former members Beast Boy and Raven are set to return.

Robin/Nightwing is no longer with the group, having now become the new Batman after the apparent death of Bruce Wayne.

We can only hope that Warner Bros' new DC Entertainment division, tasked with bringing more DC Comics' heroes to the screen, gives us some official news on the Teen Titans movie soon.


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Remember way back in the day when we were talking about the young stars of "Twilight" most likely to break out and the 2009 films that would help make them household names?

Well, we hate to say we told you so, but there were a lot of people at the recently concluded Toronto International Film Festival claiming that "Up in the Air" is a surefire Oscar nominee. With that film's November 25 release date arriving soon, and a little movie called "New Moon" coming out just before it, the age of Anna Kendrick seems to be upon us.

While in Toronto, we caught up with our old friend-turned-in-demand A-lister. Anna gave us some fast, smart answers about shooting the "Twilight" sequels, tweaking her character and whether fame has changed Rob and Kristen.

MTV: So, Anna, you're in the middle of shooting the "Twilight" sequels. What is your work schedule like these days?

Anna Kendrick: Well, we started shooting ["Eclipse"]. I still have a few more things to do, and they'll be filming for months.

MTV: What's going on with Jessica in "Eclipse"? Is the role faithful to the character in the book, or are there new scenes that are added that you're excited about?

Kendrick: The thing about playing one of the human characters — the non-supernatural characters in the "Twilight" series — is we have a lot more liberty to make it our own and change things, because people don't have that attachment that they do to the myth of the world that Stephenie Meyer has created, in terms of the supernatural aspect. So we've never really gotten in trouble for straying a little bit. We're having fun. I mean, we're being faithful to the book, but with a few changes. I hope that they're fun.

MTV: How has David Slade been as a director?

Kendrick: He's great! He's so funny — I mean, again, we have such small roles in this. Like, we come in and out. But he's really funny, really focused and then sort of out-of-nowhere just hilarious.

MTV: Do you think this one will have a much different feel from the first two, because of the directorial changes and because of the material?

Kendrick: I don't know. It's really hard to tell, being on the other side of the camera. We come in and out, and we do our piece, make our trouble, and they ship us home.

MTV: Have they shown you the rough cut of "New Moon" yet?

Kendrick: No. Some of the actors have seen it, but I haven't. I haven't had a chance yet.

MTV: What's the buzz among the actors who've seen it?

Kendrick: They say it's great! Everything I hear is that it's great.

MTV: Obviously, people like Rob, Kristen and Taylor have exploded since last year's film. Has all that added attention, the paparazzi and whatnot, made it difficult to shoot the sequels?

Kendrick: Thank God people exist that know how to handle that. Because the production has managed to keep out a lot of onlookers, but it's still [problematic]. You know that [the fans are] there, and I think that kinda does affect the way that you feel [while trying to act]. But it's just one of those things you have to get over. I mean, if there are a ton of background actors in a scene, it's the same thing. You just have to tune it out.

MTV: Have you seen a big change in Rob and Kristen since they've become famous, or are they the same?

Kendrick: No, of course they're the same. Yeah, of course. They're so levelheaded. They've handled it so, so gracefully. I really don't know [how I would've handled it]. I would have gone insane at this point! But they manage to be handling it in stride.

Check out the video interview here

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After climbing the cinematic ranks in such films as Mimic, Six Ways to Sunday, and 8MM before landing the role of gun-toting, butt-kicking Irish brother Murphy McManus in Boondock Saints, actor Norman Reedus added thirty-four more film credits to his resume in the decade leading up to the long awaited sequel, Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day. Although Norman Reedus kept himself busy in such films as Blade II, The Notorious Bette Page, American gangster, and the recently released Pandorum, Reedus gained a huge loyal fan base due to his explosive role in Boondock Saints next to co-star Sean Patrick Flanery.

Now, after a decade hiatus from the hail of gunfire justice of the Boondock world, Norman Reedus is Boondock locked, loaded, and ready to roll for the October 30 release of Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day, which sees Reedus step back into the Boondock shoes of Murphy McManus for a re-team with Sean Patrick Flanery as Connor McManus plus returning Boondock actor Billy Connolly and new Boondock II cast additions of Peter Fonda, Judd Nelson, Clifton Collins Jr., and Julie Benz.

With almost one month to go before Norman Reedus is back as one half of the Boondock Saints brothers, we caught up with Reedus for some exclusive one-on-one Boondock II time to find out what it was like to kick Boondock ass for a second time, his personal view of Boondock Saints violence, his take on the Boondock Saints fan base, and what it was like to be a Boondock Saints II type rock star at Comic Con. Interestingly, Norman Reedus also filled us in on what it was like for Boondock Saints II to go head-to-head with Twilight at Comic-Con and what it was like to work with Twilight Saga actor Kellan Lutz in Meskada.

THE DEADBOLT: Since the sequel took so long, were you worried it wasn't going to happen or that it may have been too long of a wait?

NORMAN REEDUS: I didn't really worry that it wasn't going to happen. I knew it would happen. It was just a matter of timing. I think the contract expired on a Monday at noon and it was bought by Sony at 12:15p.m., like everyone is sitting around white-knuckling it waiting for this time to expire. The original producers just boned all of us. They took everyone's money, they didn't know what they were paid, and they just held it up as long as possible because it was such a cult word-of-mouth movie that they were making a ton of money off of it. So they just screwed everybody and held onto it as long as possible and filed extensions and all of this crap. So we were just glad to get it out of their hands.

THE DEADBOLT: How did it feel to strap on the guns and kick some ass with Sean again after all of these years?

REEDUS: It was good, man. It was really good. Putting on the peacoat was a little strange at first and then we started aiming guns at people and shooting them and being insane, and it just sort of felt like it was just yesterday [laughs].

THE DEADBOLT: Where does Murphy McManus sit in your resume of characters?

REEDUS: He's definitely one of my favorites. You know, I get stopped like everyday and everybody is about Boondock Saints. It's almost ninety-nine percent Boondock fans and it's a film that didn't go to movie theaters. I've done some bigger films and it's just nice to have that sort of a following. It's funny, because when I first met Willem Dafoe a long time ago, he said, "You know, I just wanted to be a really cool cult actor." And I'm like, "Yeah, me too." And I just sort of became one. It's kind of cool.

THE DEADBOLT: Since fans of the original are so loyal, what does that give you as an actor?

REEDUS: It's nice, man. You know, I've written things for people's funerals who were Boondock Saints fans that I didn't know. I get letters from the troops a lot of times; I've sent t-shirts over there. It's nice to have this loyal of a fan base. Sometimes people come up and have my face tattooed on their arm, and I'm like, "I hope you were drunk when you did that." And 99 times out of 100 they'd say, "Yes, I was." So it's cool.

THE DEADBOLT: What's your personal view of the Saints, good or evil?

REEDUS: I think they're e good. I think they're really good. They're good people. They don't go out and do violence for violence sake. They only hurt bad people, you now? They're the underdogs, they stick up for people. And if there's a certain level of crime that's out of control and un-fixable, they just sort of go take care of it. They don't look for the glory, they don't need the recognition, and they're good guys. There's a level of brotherly love. They stand behind their friends and family and they're really good people.

THE DEADBOLT: Do you believe that vigilantes are justified in certain situations?

REEDUS: I think I understand it. If someone hurt my child, I don't know that I wouldn't do anything myself. I don't know that I could help myself. I've seen courtroom cases that are televised and I've seen mothers stand up and forgive them and I think it takes a lot of heart to do that. I don't know that I could do it. So I think in certain circumstances - I don't know. You know what I mean?

THE DEADBOLT: In certain situations, an eye for an eye applies.


THE DEADBOLT: Between Boondock and Boondock II, you lost Willem but now you have Peter Fonda, Clifton Collins Jr., Julie Benz, and Judd Nelson.

REEDUS: Judd's amazing in it as well. And Peter Fonda is amazing in it, too. So is Cliff and so is Julie, everyone is really good in it. Peter Fonda is doing this Italian accent and, I mean, he is so good. Cliff is hysterical in it and Julie is completely bad ass.

THE DEADBOLT: I actually talked to Clifton the day Michael Jackson died.

REEDUS: Oh, no.

THE DEADBOLT: We were talking about the movie and it sounds awesome.

REEDUS: Yeah, it's going to be cool.

THE DEADBOLT: So what was Comic-Con like with Sean, Troy, and Billy?

REEDUS: It was crazy. I'd never been there before. Honestly, the first time we walked on stage it was deafening. We came around the corner onto the stage, and I'm like, "Holy shit!" I mean, you could hear a pin drop when people were talking and then it was so loud that I couldn't hear Sean talking to me right next to me. We got so much love there. And I heard the line to get in was over a mile long, to get into our little panel, that's crazy right.

THE DEADBOLT: So you felt like a rock star?

REEDUS: [laughs] Yeah. I guess everybody wants to be a rock star. So it felt like it for a minute.

THE DEADBOLT: How did you like working on Pandorum?

REEDUS: Pandorum is great. I saw a screening of that and it came out so, so good. I was doing that at the same time I was doing Boondock Saints. So I was flying from Toronto to Berlin back and forth on just a little or no sleep the whole time we were shooting the movies. The producers of both films knew each other, they were cool with working out the dates, and I was just constantly bouncing back and forth. The thing with Pandorum is: I'm not in the movie all that much. But it takes a long time to shoot those little things and I was just so tired. In one of them I'm covered in oil and it's like I'm hanging by my neck, and the whole time I had a torn Labrum in my right shoulder. So I couldn't lift a gun and I had to literally lift them and drop them, lift them and drop them, and then I'm being yanked around by monsters. It was just totally gruelling. But yeah, I saw the screening and the film just came out so good.

THE DEADBOLT: I saw that you also did Meskada with Kellan Lutz. Were there Twilight fans stalking the set?

REEDUS: You know, I've never seen Twilight. I knew it was a big deal and there was a lot of [attention]. Like we were out upstate in these towns, shooting these sort of carnival situations, and there were as many Boondock fans as there were Twilight fans. I knew Kellan was a big deal before we started and I saw him get mobbed a few times. But to be honest, the first time I saw Kellan, he goes, "Oh shit! Boondock Saints! That's my favorite movie." So that's how I met him and I gave him a sweatshirt and I gave him a tank top for his girlfriend.

THE DEADBOLT: Cool, I was just curious. Lately every time I see one of the Twilight cast members pop up in something else, I'm thinking, "There goes the Twilight people."

REEDUS: You know, I think the Twilight people were the only ones at Comic-Con that had the same audience that's not bigger than Boondock.

THE DEADBOLT: Wow! Now that's saying something.

REEDUS: It was crazy. I mean, I think we held our own against the Twilight people in San Diego. But, you know, I want to see it. I hear it's actually good. So I want to check out Twilight. I haven't even seen Titanic yet, I'm so far behind.

Check out more here for the video of this interview.

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Kellan, Anna, & Jamie in BlackBook

BlackBook put together a list of up-and-coming young actors, and three stars from the Twilight series made the cut. Anna Kendrick, who plays Bella's friend Jessica, made the list, as did new vampire Jamie Campbell-Bower. Kellan Lutz rounded out the trio, sitting down for a special interview as he gets out there promoting both New Moon and Nightmare on Elm Street — check out that film's scary new trailer. He opened up about sacrificing his love of science for modeling, dealing with fame, and life in Vancouver. Here's more:

Kellan on giving up science to model: "I got a scholarship to go to Chapman University for chemical engineering in Orange County, and my father’s always lived in LA, so I just wanted to pack up and go there. . . When I was in LA, it was extremely lucrative with the modeling — the money, the opportunities — it’s LA so it was fast-paced and I was making more money and traveling all over the world. I just kind of fell into acting as a way to show off my personality."
On dealing with Pattinson-level fame: "Well, it’s crazy because with all this attention, all of us are handling it extremely well. We still have our head on our shoulders and our feet on the ground. Rob’s handling it so well. I can’t fathom being in his shoes. I believe I could handle it, but being cooped up in Vancouver and not being able to leave the hotel room or the apartment without having a driver and having to hide out — especially when he was shooting Remember Me, I talked to him a lot in New York and those fans were just crazy."
On the fans in Vancouver: "Well the thing is, we can’t rent out the whole hotel, so fans will come up that know we are shooting there to have a chance to see all of us in one place. They’ll get rooms and every time one of us leaves, they’re there. It’s great to talk to them but you really can’t sneak away."

Check out more here

Thanks to popsugar

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Twilight at M.I.T

The recent Stephenie Meyer phenomenon of Twilight has raised some very divisive questions among fantasy fans. All debating over artistic merit aside, up for contention is the matter of exactly how many liberties an author can take with established monster lore. The concept of the vampire has been around for centuries, and the Twilight series seems to incorporate very little of it. Fine, so Edward Cullen drinks blood, is sort of ancient, and has a mild allergy to sunlight, but then again, so does Ozzy Osbourne. Few would mistake Ozzy for a vampire, and much fewer would mistake him for the lead in a romance novel.

Traditional vampires, in various incarnations, have taken issue with garlic, wooden stakes, cruciforms, silver, running water, and anything with the word “holy” in front of it, which I guess makes Robin the Boy Wonder the ultimate vampire slayer. Sunlight is often portrayed as their greatest weakness and teenage girls as their mild annoyance, rather than vice versa. On top of that, they typically sleep in coffins and have special attachments to their home soil, none of which seem to factor into the Cullens’ interior decorating so much as the IKEA catalog. I suppose if none of your furniture is actual wood, it nullifies any chance of accidental impalement by stake, not that it would matter to a Twilight vampire. Supposedly, vampires also can’t enter a person’s home without being invited in, which Edward Cullen violates in a manner both impossible for canon vampires and extremely illegal for everybody else.

Come to think of it, as complex as vampire folklore is, it’s hardly surprising that authors and filmmakers feel compelled to fiddle with it. The Blade franchise made the occasional tweaks to the laundry list of vampiric weaknesses, and Count von Count of Sesame Street threw almost everything out altogether. Even non-European monsters can become more than a little convoluted in their portrayal. Chinese culture has its own monsters that blend aspects of vampire and zombie. They move by hopping, can’t stand the touch of sticky rice, detect living animals by their breathing, and freeze when stuck with a holy Post-It note on their forehead. I am not making that up.

In comparison, zombies and werewolves seem pretty straightforward. Zombies eat brains, can be killed by having their own brains destroyed, aren’t particularly bright, and generally shamble slowly (depending on the media). Werewolves are really, really dangerous a few nights out of the month, are sensitive to silver, and supposedly are involved in a Hatfield vs. McCoy-esque feud with vampires virtually every time they appear on film, for no real compelling reason. Next to these seemingly simple monsters, why are vampires and their attributes so intricate? Maybe they’re more psychologically interesting? The sexual symbolism of vampirism is reasonably well-documented, and if you don’t believe me now, go to an anime/fantasy convention after 7 p.m. and then get back to me. Personally, I wouldn’t be surprised if it turned out that Bram Stoker’s Dracula was actually an effort to legitimize the author’s overzealous hickeys as a romantic technique.

The counter-argument to all of this, of course, is that Stephenie Meyer has just as much right to alter vampire canon as anyone else. But how much right do we have? Why is vampire lore so elaborate in the first place? Did Western culture very slowly add to and modify the vampire legend over many generations? Or is the current vampire merely a product of a series of huge Meyer-esque revampings and iterations? And why do those questions sound familiar? Food for thought. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some weightlifting to do. Halloween is coming up, and the rising army of darkness isn’t going to chainsaw itself, which means I have to be able to lift a chainsaw by the time October 31 rolls around. Work, work, work…

Written by Michael Lin
September 29, 2009

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Photoshop 'New Moon' pic.

Gorgeous photoshopped New Moon picture. Idk who the Photoshop artist is but your very talented at that.

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Why Kristen Stewart matters

Kristen Stewart is Cooler Than You

Kristen Stewart doesn’t want to be your friend. She doesn’t want you to like her. Or rather, she doesn’t care if you like her or not. She wears ‘ugly’ clothes in public, doesn’t bother to take off last night’s eye makeup, looks hungover, and uses a marijuana pipe in public. She has a mullet. She wears skinny jeans. She offers no comment on her relationship (or lack thereof) with costar Robert Pattinson. She has one acting style — which mostly employs putting her hands through her hair, not saying much, and biting her lip. But none of that matters, because Kristen Stewart herself is no star. But Bella Swan — that’s another matter entirely.

But she’s an immense object of fascination — photos of her are at a premium, no matter the mullet or generally dismissiveness of fame, adulation, publicity, etc.

And what really fascinates me about Stewart — or rather, about the amount of attention directed towards her — is that it’s almost entirely rooted in a specific persona that has subsumed her identity.

And that specific identity — and why she could do anything, truly anything, save becoming a lesbian, and would still maintain her popularity — is that of Bella Swan. For those of you not in the know, that’s the heroine of Twilight, and the fount of her fame.

Of course, Twilight was not Stewart’s first role — she was best known for her work as Jodie Foster’s daughter in Panic Room and as a skinny, young, hopeful girl in love with the protagonist of Into the Wild.

Kristen Stewart and Emile Hirsch in Into the Wild

Before Twilight, she also filmed her role in Adventureland – a music obsessed 20-something with a penchant for older men, being angsty, and running her hands through her hair. (In other words: the same character she plays in Twilight, only she digs Lou Reed, et. al. See Alyx Vesey’s excellent post on her character as music geek here.)

But the role of Bella has truly defined her — and defined what her image means and will continue to mean to the general public. Even when she is photographed smoking pot on a doorstep, or holding hands with her boyfriend (who is NOT, or least WAS not, Robert Pattinson), or even appearing with non-Bella hair (as she’s currently filming the Joan Jett bio-pic), they cannot usurp the conflation of Stewart with her Bella persona. It’s as if Bella Swan is wearing a mullet wig — a total inverse of the actual situation, which has Stewart putting on a Bella wig to cover up her ‘real’ mullet haircut.

Being very un-Bella-like

Ultimately, the Stewart star image emerges as a hybrid between the inaccessible — the hipster Stewart — and the wholly accessible — Bella as near-universal point of identification. For in the narrative of Twilight, Bella is crafted as an almost non-personality…besides the fact that she is clumsy and likes cooking dinner for her father, there are very few specifics as to her looks, her hobbies, etc. Indeed, Bella functions as a cipher into which any reader — mom, daughter, whatever — may insert themselves. Hence the widespread Edward fascination: when so many women can identify so closely with the female protagonist, it’s no wonder that her love interest becomes the newest heartthrob, inspiring, in several cases, truly fanatic and destructive behavior. Thus: Stewart may be too cool for you, but Bella is you.

To my mind, this is a somewhat unique phenomenon, as the extraordinary/ordinary paradox is usually embodied within the star’s public image and simply accentuated/underscored by various film roles. Here, one specific film role performs the majority of the labor.

Other stars have been subsumed and their futures controlled by a particular role. Yet this phenomenon is most often associated with television personalities — people who play the same character every week, oftentimes for years at a time, thus firmly conflating themselves with a very particular character. In the case of Stewart, however, the phenomenon is rooted in the avid Twilight fandom. In other words, even though only one film has been released — the second Twilight film will be released this Fall; they’re currently filming the third — her face is now mapped onto each and every reader’s journey through the books.

I read the books over a year ago, at the hilt of the Twilight frenzy in the weeks before the Breaking Dawn release. The film had yet to be released, but I had seen the preview; Stewart’s face (and Pattinson’s) were the ones I unconsciously inserted into my visualizations of the text. Every time a Twilight fan — and trust me, readers, there are many of us, of all ages, feminist and non-feminist, with various feelings of ambivalence, rapture, and disgust — thinks about the character of Bella, it is Stewart’s face that pops up. She is Bella. And Bella loves Edward. And they are meant to be together — no matter what. No matter that one is supposedly a vampire. As the tagline of their romance would read, they are fated.

Which likewise explains the truly fanatic and sometimes absurd attempts to link Stewart with Pattinson in real life. Fans love a ‘real-life’ romance that mirrors the one that seduced audiences on-screen: that’s why the studios made up false relationships during the studio system, as best hyperbolized and satirized in Singin’ in the Rain.

Sometimes real life ‘mirror romances’ do occur — most recently, see the engagement of the two leads of True Blood (Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer), the off-set relationship between Gossip Girl’s Serena and Dan (Blake Lively and Penn Badgely) and my personal favorite, the now-defunct romance between The Notebook’s Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling.

In some cases, these romances occur outside of studio machinations — McAdams and Gosling supposedly became romantically involved months after they filmed The Notebook, when the re-enacted their famous kiss for The MTV Movie Awards and felt a spark. (Oh, what a great PR piece.) Sometimes they date because they spend a lot of time together on set. And sometimes, as in the case of Stewart and Pattinson, they might not date at all — but they do very little to shut down the illusion that they might be.

The producers of Twilight are keenly aware of how a spectre of real-life romance will appease fans who have long willed such a connection to exist. As such, they have legislated how Stewart can appear in public: when she was officially dating her (supposedly now ex-) boyfriend Michael Angarano, she was not permitted to be photographed holding his hand or being intimate. Why? Because it would serve as proof that she was not, in fact, involved in a backstage relationship with her one and only love, Edward Cullen Robert Pattinson.

In Character as Bella and Edward

And any number of official publicity shots and appearances do very little to dissuade those who would like to believe in such a romance, as evidenced by the pictures below.

Out of Character: Extratextual Twilight Porn

What’s crucial to note here is how non-Bella (and non-Edward) both appear in the above photos — not only does Bella/Stewart suddenly have a sense of style (Bella does not — and she especially does not in the books, in which she regularly sports ugly long jean skirts). As for Edward/Pattinson, in the books, he is a VAMPIRE. With pale skin. Here, however, he just looks sexy/dirty.

The last picture is particularly fascinating, as it works very arduously to conflate the pair with their onscreen roles. The shot was taken at this past year’s MTV Movie Awards — and, as was the case with McAdams and Gosling, they were asked to recreate their kiss (or lack thereof) as Bella/Edward for the audience. The two moved in, very hesitantly, just as they do in the film, and simply let the tension sizzle for several moments, never actually kissing. Yet they were ‘dressed’ as their ‘real’ selves — while engaging in their characters’ behavior. They were, in essence, confirming what all Twilight fans would most like to believe: that the sexual tension and passion of the film is not a construction or an act — but real. Essential and vital.

And if it exists in ‘real life,’ then a fan’s fantasy of that love is not simply a fantasy — it’s authenticated and substantiated. A Stewart/Pattinson romance is proof positive that Twilight is not a silly, derided, absurdist, vampire text. It’s possible: something on which to stake one’s hopes and dreams for what love can and should look like.

Stewart and Pattinson matter, then, because love — and our fantasies of what love looks like — matters. No matter how silly you think Twilight fans are, fantasies — whether they involve Star Trek, Megan Fox, or drafting individual players onto football teams and competing with friends across the country — matter. What we think about when we’re not living our lives — how we’d like our lives to be, the ways we project our perfect selves — say so much about what may be lacking in our lives, and how we manage to make up for that lack and still live fulfilling lives in our non-fantasy worlds.

That’s why I don’t get grossed out or frustrated when I see the mags attempting to construct a torrid secret romance between the two. As unrealistic as the Bella/Edward romance is — and not only because it’s supernatural, but because it has some truly unrealistic components of devotion, selflessness, sacrifice, etc. — it brings people pleasure. This pleasure may be different than the pleasure I experience in breaking down this romance for you in this very post, but it is a very real pleasure nonetheless, and cannot be discounted.


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Saturday, September 26, 2009

New Moon leaked!?

There are rumors flying around the wonderful Internet (mostly by spammers, in fact), that New Moon has leaked. Please understand that this is 100% NOT true.

We sincerely ask you to NEVER click any links that claim to have the full version of New Moon available for download. For one, it's not true, and secondly, you'll probably get a virus.

Another reason to never attempt to download New Moon (which of course, isn't actually New Moon), is the fact that often the MPAA will plant trackers into fake downloads and then prosecute those who attempt to illegally download new movies.

Just make sure you don't click or attempt to download ANYTHING that claims to be New Moon. Go see it in theater and wait 'til then .


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Up close and personal with Kellan Lutz

I know the picture does not go with this interview but I love the pictures, this computer sucks, and its the only picture I could google fast. Lol! So enjoy.

After a grueling day on the set of Eclipse and playing guinea pig in preparation for shooting fight scenes, the always-gracious Kellan Lutz was sweet enough to use some of his much-needed down time to chat with me.

Kellan is an open book about many things close to his heart, including a several month journey to Africa to film Generation Kill, and his dog, Kola. I’ll reveal more about his passions tomorrow in part two of our interview. During our conversation, however, the issue of respect came to play, giving fans an inside peek into the lack of privacy which has become a constant in the lives of the Twilight stars.

Hype surrounding the Saga and enthusiastic, gift-bearing fans are at a culminated high during the filming of Eclipse, as are paparazzi determined to catch the actors in any situation, both on and off set. While the actors of the Twilight Saga are incredibly generous and appreciative of their endearing fans, they, too, enjoy their much-needed, rarely granted seclusion.

About his fans and desire for unrequited privacy from paparazzi, Kellan said:

Everyone’s so loving and supporting- there’s no haters. There’s so many Twilight fans that have given me presents- gummy bears or chew toys for my dog. It’s so humbling; people wanting to have a picture with me or wanting me to sign something. It’s so endearing.

But when we’re here working 12, 14, 16 hour days, on our off days we just want to be a normal human being and go get a bite to eat or go play pool and be normal. We just want to get out of our hotel rooms or apartments, but we can’t, and that’s a tough thing. And we don’t always want to have to look our best. I just love dressing comfy to go out, but we can’t because there’s always photographers there.

The other day I was working out at the gym. Photographers were shooting from across the street through the windows of the gym to me working out. I couldn’t just work out and blow off some steam. So where does the privacy start and the publicity end? When is it enough?

We’re all very happy to be working and be part of an amazing franchise like this, and we wouldn’t trade it for the world. It’s allowed me to get some great work and to do amazing movies, independent ones that I can show some great acting with, and some great character roles, but really, we’re just human…

I can’t fathom what other people go through. I’m just a part of this franchise… I’m Kellan. There’s nothing super special about me that’s worthwhile. I wish there were more pictures of people helping out. Show Brad and Angelina and all the good work they do. Show me at my charity events, but really, do you need to see pictures of me walking my dog 20 million times?

Immediately following our conversation, I found this e-mail along with link and pictures from a widely known paparazzi-friendly site waiting in my inbox:

Kellan Lutz shows off his tight and toned body at a local Vancouver gym Wednesday during breaks in the filming of Eclipse. The Twilight hottie checked himself out in the mirror as he worked out - and with a body like that, who can blame him! See the newest pics of the shirtless Emmett Cullen...

Pictures representing the very lament Kellan had just shared were being plastered around the net as we spoke.

Understandably, viewing images and videos of our favorite Twilight actors, even being caught off guard, satiate a need fans have for that immediate fix of eye-candy. Though we don’t mean any harm, in feeding our addiction we unknowingly instill an inert sense of hurt in our favorite actors.

Kellan knows that paparazzi and fandom is a part of his lifestyle, and he graciously embraces the limelight under the proper circumstances. His intermittent, spontaneous lament, however, immediately put a soulful, heartfelt need of all the Twilight actors to light in a manner that may touch others and spur true fans to act.

The next time you’re tempted to check out that salacious picture of your favorite Twilight star caught “in the act,” be it working out, eating, grabbing a coffee, walking a dog, or catching a ciggy break in the dark, take a deep breath, resist temptation to gawk, and allow the actor to maintain what little bit of privacy s/he can.

It’s the least we, as fans, can do for the actors committed to bringing the story of the Cullen clan and the Twilight Saga from the pages of the black, glossy books, to life on the big screen.

In part one of my two part interview with Kellan Lutz, we spoke about the fans and enduring the endless paparazzi. Today, readers will glean a true sense of Kellan’s dedication to the Twilight Saga and his playful personality. Enjoy.

Combine a farm boy work ethic with a cutting edge intellect, then intersperse a savvy sense of the Hollywood scene, and you have a young man rich in the ways of life, but bright-eyed and ready to take on the world.

The chiseled physique of Kellan Lutz immediately draws in the eye. His background as an Abercrombie and Fitch model comes of no surprise; his exotic look and playful, yet Mephistophelian glint in his eyes implies a possible clannish, clubby decorum.

Yet nothing could be further from the truth. A free spirit, Kellan’s boyish, playful nature and willingness to speak to me and put his life on a platter for fans to snack on is endearing, bold, and insightful:

About being a free spirit:

I just love what I do. I found myself going on this one path becoming a chemical engineer making $60,000 a year- it was a respectable job. But my personality needs more. The rush of having an audition or becoming another character was awesome. But thank God that He was there shooing me in the right direction. He just kept me safe, and I know I put my mom through some stressful times.

That’s why I wear a white bracelet on left wrist. It's my freedom bracelet. It’s finally my life and I get to do what I want to do, and it reminds me where I came from. I’m in it for the right reasons. I don’t care to be famous; I don’t care to be in the tabloids. I just love to act. I enjoy it so much. It’s just my favorite hobby that I’ve unlocked inside of myself, and I’d love to do it for the rest of my life.

About his favorite project:

My oldest brother’s in the marine corps, now for 10 years, in Iraq, and we retold the story of Generation Kill for HBO, which is based on the 2003 Iraqi invasion. It’s the story of these marines who went in there and killed all these people and no one died out of the whole recon division. It’s based on a true story. It’s such a reality check that we got to show the world through HBO’s eyes. It was really challenging, and I grew so many years in maturity. It was seven months living in Africa, and I saw parts of the world that I was so ignorant about. But once I got there, I fell in love with Capetown. I’ve never been somewhere where the land, the earth gave you energy before. I felt so alive there. And I have friends for life now, from all around the world.

(Generation Kill is a seven part mini-series available on, at Blockbuster, or on HBO)

About staying in shape- both at home and on the set of Eclipse:

I like to box. I have a boxing area in the back yard with a couple of bags and I like to see my boxing coach when I’m in town. I have a pool in my back yard. I love to swim; I grew up swimming. I just love it; it’s the best exercise. I hate running but I’ll take my dog for a walk or we’ll go climbing boulders she has so much energy and that’s why I love her, because she pushes me and I push her.

When we’re up here (Vancouver) I’ve been gaining weight and lifting really heavy. We do fight training every other day that consists of jujitsu, kung fu, boxing, and kickboxing- just mixed martial arts to really prepare for our fight sequences. It’s intense. I’ve never had the small muscles that hold the big muscles so sore before.

About the Twilight Saga directors:

Catherine Hardwick- She was really energetic and wild and crazy in a good way, because I’m that way too. It was really fun working with her because she just had an energy that was really fun to have in a director because then you don’t get sluggish and down.

Chris Weitz- He was really calm and really had everything planned out. Every time we had a question, he had an answer. Every day we went on set it was really easy; you didn’t even have to work at all.

David Slade- This is an action movie, so it’s nice to have him and his team make it a manly movie that’s really action packed. With his insight and making it gritty from Hard Candy and 30 Days of Night with the action packed vampires, it's looking great.

About being snapped by the paparazzi driving a mini-van: I did that on purpose- my family was in town, and I like taking my family to the stuff I get invited to so they can have a taste of the cake that is my life, in a way. So I didn’t care, I was like, let’s take the van. I hopped in the driver’s seat because I wanted to be photographed in it. We thought it was kind of funny- so we blasted the rap music.

Because if you can’t joke and have a good time… the paparazzi’s always going to be there, so you can either hide from them and not have a life, or you can have fun with it. If I go out into Hollywood, I know it’s a part of the territory. When I’m at home, though, I’ll go up to them and ask them not to shoot my house and to at least have the decency of that.

About Rob and the paparazzi:

There’s no way I could be doing what I do now if I were Edward. Its such hard shoes to fill compared to the fans who fell in love with Bella and Edward in the book series because they ARE the book in a way, and then you add in Jacob. For every million fans we have, they have 10 times. It’s just a different world. And like hanging out with Rob, it’s tough to see what he has to go through. It’s really tough for him because you can’t put a price on your life, your freedom, your happiness, and it’s gonna go on for a couple of years. It’s tough when you can’t even leave your hotel room to go get a coffee.

True to “Emmett” form, Kellan loves the feeling of being the big brother, and believes he has such an opportunity and responsibility as an actor to focus efforts into charity works. He quickly spews charities close to his heart including the Boys and Girls Club, Habitat for Humanity, the Blind Project, Invisible Children, and, thanks to his love for animals, the Humane Society.

Says Kellan wholeheartedly:

I believe if you walk down the street and just give someone a smile or say hey, you look great, just one little encouraging word can change a whole day, or a whole life.

I think this is the best interview with Kellan that I have ever read. I would type more but I am speechless right now.

Interview from

One of the stars of 'Twilight' shows his concern for our four-legged friends by supporting World Animal Week.
Kellan Lutz, who plays Emmett Cullen in the 2008 film 'Twilight' and in the soon-to-be-released 'New Moon,' has joined Brooke Shields, Kristin Davis, Christina Applegate and Joanna Krupa in signing the "Animals Matter to Me" petition for a Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare.
The purpose of the document, which urges the United Nations to adopt an international agreement on the welfare of animals, is to raise awareness about animal welfare issues during World Animal Week from October 4 to October 10, 2009.
"Support from the entertainment industry is vital in helping to bring attention to animal issues on a global scale. We are thrilled that these stars aligned themselves with WSPA to ask for a Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare. Whether providing comfort and companionship in our homes or supplying crucial labor to support families in need, animals matter to each one of us. Our celebrity supporters understand this important connection between animals and people," says Cecily West, executive director of WSPA USA.
The public can join these celebrities by signing the "Animals Matter to Me" petition online by clicking here

I'm happy to see him doing this. He has such a big heart and loves animals so much. Animals are just like you and I. They should be taken care of just like we should.


I announced on our Twitter page earlier today that we will not be posting any paparazzi pictures of the Twilight stars. *Not even Rob* If you want them, you will have to go else where and find them yourselves. The interview Kellan had with the examiner *I think it was the examiner* made me stop and think about how I would want to be treated and so we no longer post anything that invades their privacy. It disrespects the actors and hurts them mentally and sometimes physically. We will only be posting pictures and videos from events and released information about the Twi-Cast. We will still post personal stories from fans. *if they feel like sharing and we get permission from them first.* I will be posting the interview that Kellan did, later in the day. Feel free to leave comments but please, respect us on our decission to be a paparazzi free website and please respect the cast's personal lives by not spreading rumors and paparazzi pictures. *btw please do not jump on the cast members if you see them. They hate that and it's invading their personal space. Normal, mature people don't do that.*

Thank you,
Ashley & Bria

If you have heard of the 'House of Night' series by P.C & Kristin Cast & have been waiting for the 6th book called 'Tempted'...then your going to be happy!! They have releasted the first chapter for us to read but if you don't want to spoil it, you better wait.

You can click

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Wolfpack Wednesday Week Two

I just now found this so week one...has not been posted. I think I actually posted it on our Twitter page. I don't remember.

Over the last several months the Lexicon has been very fortunate to attend several of the Official Twilight Conventions run by Creation Entertainment. At every one of the events we have Tweeted about the Q&A sessions given by the various actors. We Tweeted both on Pel’s account and the main Lexicon account August 28-30.
The last convention we attended in New Jersey had Chaske Spencer, Alex Meraz, and Kiowa Gordon all on stage at the same time telling many funny and personal stories about their experiences on set while filming The Twilight Saga: New Moon. And as always, we Tweeted all about it.
Thanks to Creation, we were fortunate enough, to able to get the pack members to sign several glossy pictures of themselves. In all, we left that convention with five individual autographed 8X10 glossy photos. And the good news is that we want to repay you all for following our Tweets by giving these photos away.
Every Wednesday over the next four weeks we will post a trivia question pertaining to information that we gave on twitter during the convention while the wolf pack was on stage. Remember that they were on stage TWICE, so we have two hours worth of twitter information to pull from. If you know the correct answer, reply to the post with your answer and we will choose one winner at random at the end of the day. Make sure you spell your email address correctly when you post your comment so we can get in touch if you win. Anyone can participate from anywhere in the world. we don’t care if the winner is on the Antarctic science station. we’ll get your photo to you no matter what continent you live on.
Now for this week’s question: “Which one of the guys tried to teach Kiowa to throw a punch and ended up getting getting more than he bargained for when Kiowa punched way better than he estimated!” We will close this contest at 11:59pm est.

Special Thanks to Twilight Lexicon

According to Variety, Producers Nick Wechsler, Steve and Paula Mae Schwartz have used their own money to acquire screen rights to The Host and Andrew Niccol will write the script and direct. There is no timeline currently associated with the project that has been revealed at this time.

According to Variety, “The trio wanted to make a science fiction film and fixed on The Host…The producers continued lobbying the author and her reps at UTA and The Writers House with a significant offer, a strong vision for the project, and a collaborative spirit. Meyer eventually said yes.

In fact, Niccol first came under consideration after Wechsler and the Schwartz’ asked Meyer her favorite science fiction films, and Gattaca and The Truman Show were in her top five. Niccol wrote and directed Gattaca and scripted the Peter Weir-directed The Truman Show. ”

According to Nick Wechsler, “We wanted Stephenie to be involved in the adaptation, and have her endorse and be part of the creative decisions, Twilight has proven she more more [sic]about what works than most.”

Let the speculation begin! Who would you want to be Ian, Jared, Wanda and Melanie

Who else thinks this is a really, really BAD idea? I DO!!!! I like the book but they shouldn't ruin it by turning it into a movie. Twilight is enough. The book is always better and I know it has to be hard for Stephenie to give her babies up but I honestly think it would make a crappy movie. I don't really get a big say in this because it is beyond my control but.....I don't like it..

Special Thanks to Twilight Lexicon

I swear Ashley Greene is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. She truely lives us to a role model for young woman around the world. I hope I didn't jenx her by saying that but in my eyes she really does. She's like the sister I always wanted and never got to have.

Watch the video of E! Daily 10 reporter Debbie Matenopoulous interviewing Ashley on the set of our cover shoot. Plus, the lucky winner of our fan contest got to hang out on set and enjoy all the action!

What do you all think? Do you think she's the type of young woman you want your daughters looking up to? Maybe she is, maybe she isn't but she is a true lady in my eyes. For us younger ladies that don't have you think she makes a good role model? No wonder Kellan is bff's with her. She's modest and she looks like she would make a great friend.

Click here for the entire interview and behind the scenes photos are at the bottom of the page.