Thursday, September 24, 2009


I announced on our Twitter page earlier today that we will not be posting any paparazzi pictures of the Twilight stars. *Not even Rob* If you want them, you will have to go else where and find them yourselves. The interview Kellan had with the examiner *I think it was the examiner* made me stop and think about how I would want to be treated and so we no longer post anything that invades their privacy. It disrespects the actors and hurts them mentally and sometimes physically. We will only be posting pictures and videos from events and released information about the Twi-Cast. We will still post personal stories from fans. *if they feel like sharing and we get permission from them first.* I will be posting the interview that Kellan did, later in the day. Feel free to leave comments but please, respect us on our decission to be a paparazzi free website and please respect the cast's personal lives by not spreading rumors and paparazzi pictures. *btw please do not jump on the cast members if you see them. They hate that and it's invading their personal space. Normal, mature people don't do that.*

Thank you,
Ashley & Bria


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