If you've been a part of the Twilight Saga long, you've most likely heard of Lee Safar. With failed attempts to get on The Twilight Saga: New Moon soundtrack, she is back again and working her tail off to get on the Eclipse soundtrack. She is an amazing person, songwriter, and performer.

Lee has also started a podcast called "Dream Angel". She talks about some of the things she has been through along her passionate journey from a Senior Business Analyst at a leading multinational IT company, to a growing rock sensation. She has touched many hearts and helped many people begin to live thier dreams.

Lee is, no doubt, a true dream angel of mine and will always be. She is a real friend and someone I look up to as a growing artist myself. There are many days I feel like giving up, but her story gives me faith in myself, to keep going.

Below are a few videos of hers. The first, is her song 'I'm here', that she originally wanted on The Twilight Saga: New Moon soundtrack. The song, in my opinion, fits pefect with the saga, but it can be taken so many different ways. It has a great story line and with songs these days, that can be hard to find. I hope you like them all, if you'd like to learn more about Lee, visit here official site at www.leesafar.com.
She is also on: YouTube, Blogger, Facebook, Myspace, & Twitter

I'm Here


Who I've become