Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Just days before the premiere of the Twilight Saga: Eclipse, Billy Burke, who plays Bella's father Charlie Swan, has a full schedule releasing a new album and performing a concert.

In an exclusive video interview with RadarOnline.com at the Gibson Showroom in Beverly Hills, Billy talked about the album Removed, revealed his awkward moments on set with Kristen Stewart and joked about how the cast dissed him at their jam sessions.As Bella's father, Billy dished to RadarOnline.com reporter Alexis Tereszcuk about his favorite scene in Eclipse.

"Bella and I have a scene in the kitchen, where it gets a little awkward - I feel compelled to have the talk with her about sex and being safe and all that. Even right now I'm getting a little nervous about it", he admitted.Billy told Radaronline.com he enjoys working with Kristen because they both have the same acting method.

"We get our idea of what we would like to see happen and we just throw it out there."The Twilight cast members are all musically talented.Robert Pattinson plays the guitar and Jackson is in a band, but the late night jam sessions they all have after hours seem to have left someone out.

"Haven't been invited, thanks guys," Burke joked.

Billy is in good company with the Twilight cast musicians and complimented them despite his snub.

"Rob's very talented, Jackson's very talented, Kristen even plays a little bit."Removed is available on Billy's website and is being released on Tuesday, June 22.

Billy is having his first concert the same night at the famous House of Blues in Hollywood.

He confessed, "I haven't played live in about 14 years. At rehearsal, two nights before the show, it all came together. It sounded much like the record, which is what we were after.

"Find out in the RadarOnline.com exclusive video interview if Billy is keeping his famous stache in the upcomingTwilight movie."It's the best of the series," Billy said about Eclipse, which hits theaters on June 30, 2010.



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