Saturday, June 5, 2010

10 Ideas For a Twilight-Themed Wedding

With summer coming up, its getting closer to the wedding is in the air and forever is stretched out in front of you and that special someone to share those romantic moments with...from the "I do's" to the Cinderella moments you've long awaited, so here are 10 Ideas for you to think about if you don't already have your wedding planned out in your head like the rest of us. *blush* (Yes, I have my wedding planned out, I just need Mr. right to come along)

10 Ideas For a Twilight-Themed Wedding

For the truly hardcore fans — the same who would buy Bella Swan's engagement ring — here are some ideas for a classy (i.e. no Edward Cullen cutouts) Twilight-themed wedding. Think apples, dramatic reds, and a vampire-y forest feel. Take a look and tell me your thoughts!

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Luxe Details

Even with the woodsy atmosphere, the glam touches take it up a notch.

These adorable cupcakes manage to fit the movie's theme without being cartoon-y

Warm Comforts

If the temps drop in the evening and your ceremony is outside, comfy blankets and hot cider keep guests happy.

Nature-Inspired Cake

Subtle Twilight-ness on this cake keeps it from venturing into tacky territory. Love the metallic apple!

Literary Allusions

Guests on top of their Twilight knowledge will be able to point out the subtle allusions to the books.

Enchanted Forest

The enchanted forest feel in this Twilight-inspired wedding isn't as dark and dramatic as the next wedding.

Go For Glam

While this Twilight-themed concept wedding is flanked by foliage and open space, it has an entirely different feel with its red, white, and black color scheme.
*Elegant and's perfect*

Dressed Up Cake

Ribbons, crystals, and roses, oh my! Again, the key here is classy — no photos of Robert Pattinson in sight.
*This cake is the most beautiful cake I have ever seen...I want it for my wedding* 

Dramatic Attire

With dripping jewels and deep red roses, this bride and groom are channeling their inner vampires.
*I'm not so much a fan of the hair*

Bejeweled Invites

How gorgeous is this invitation? I don't think I could say no!

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