Sunday, September 20, 2009

Justin Chon Says Eclipse Will Be A Darker Film

Justin Chon talked to E! Online’s Marc Malkin about the the increase in set security, as well as the darker path Eclipse is taking.

“He’s done pretty dark films, so that’s where I see [Eclipse] really gravitating toward—more of a dark kind of moody film,” Chon said yesterday at BAFTA’s pre-Emmy tea party. “Just shooting the scenes that I’m in, the mood is definitely different.”

How so? Read on for more…

“David is very set on how he wants this movie to be portrayed,” Chon said. “It’s a lot more refined and maybe not as loose as the last two—at least for us humans.” (Chon plays Bella’s classmate Eric.) “I can only imagine what he’s doing with everyone else.”


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