Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Do you want Rob & Kristen on Twitter?

Hey, we were right (as usual)! Twitter really is jeopardy for celebs. Well, at least for some of the Web’s biggest offenders:
Blog monsters Miley Cyrus, Lily Allen and Courtney Love have all stopped tweeting. But how will they entertain us if not for their Internet ramblings? Through their music? Oh dear god, no!
But not all is lost in the Twitterverse, ’cause Miley, Lily and Court’s departure from the social networking site left open some gaps for other celebs to fill. Fans petitioned to get outlandish 30 Rock star Tracy Morgan on Twitter, and boom! He got on just like that. (The demand sure was high—TM’s been Tweeting for less than a week and he’s already got 40,000 followers.)
You know what that means, right, folks? It means we’re starting the official Robsten petition to get Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart on Twitter!
Sure, there’s a Twilight Twitter with exclusive tweets from director Chris Weitz, but that’s focused on the flick, not the duo we want to hear more about.
And we don’t mean some fake wannabes pretending to be the Twilight babes, either. We want the real deal, dammit. We know they like being private ‘n’ all, and all the power to ‘em, but a few tweets every now and then to communicate with their rabid followers sure wouldn’t hurt. And we bet they’d rack up more than 40 thou each in less than a day.

So do you want to see your fave vamp couple get tweeting already and drop a few hints about their personal life? Then send an @reply to the official Twilight Twitter, and demand that they draft Rob & Kristen Swamp ‘em!

While were at it, we should get them to get Kellan Lutz a Twitter page too! LET'S GO TWIHARDS!!!!


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