Monday, October 26, 2009

Kirsten Prout Cast for Twilight's Eclipse

Another vampire is cast

Yup, they're still making casting decisions for Eclipse! Though they've been filming the third Twilight movie for over a month now, a new castmember was just announced. Kirsten Prout will be playing Lucy in the upcoming Eclipse.

We imagine it must be one of the best days of an actor or actresses life when they find out they've been secured a role in the Twilight movies. So, Kirsten Prout must be having the best time of her life. She's just been offered the role of Lucy in Eclipse.

Lucy is a vampire from Jasper's Civil War past. She was a part of the "baby army" of vampires he helped create; and he eventually kills her. It's obviously not the biggest role in the movie, but still a big deal for Kirsten, we're sure!

19-year-old Kirsten Prout is best known for playing Amanda in the show Kyle XY. She also starred in Elektra with Jennifer Garner and in Stargate SG-1.

Congratulations to Kirsten. We have a feeling her life will never be the same!


She is beautiful!

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