Sunday, November 1, 2009

Kristen and Taylor at the press conference

The press conference ended less than one hour ago; so we’re bringing you the latest; First they had 5-10 mins photoshoot, after that they were showing 15 minutes of New Moon (people are tweeting that there was nothing new; just all the trailers and already released clips) and after that the almost half hour conference. We don’t know yet what the questions were bc there wasn’t any live streaming or something like that. But they did an interview with T & K that will be shown on brazilian TV!

I will post all the pictures into our gallery later today, bc I have to wait so more pictures will appear on the internet [If you find any pictures or videos you can send them also to my mail;]. Few more quick updates; fans invaded into the hotel’s hall while the conference was happening in the hotel. For Kristen’s and Taylor’s safety police came to help the security of the hotel and they decided that noone goes in or out of the hotel until the press conference ends. Now everyone’s out of the hotel; and some fans are still staying outside of the hotel.

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