Friday, November 13, 2009

Dr. Cullen would be very proud! Volturi bad boy Jamie Campbell Bower was recently out promotingThe Twilight Saga: New Moon when a fan helped him out with a particular ailment that he had tweeted about a week before. Just wait until you hear what went down. Hint: it involves a fan, a banana, and one of the hottest and most powerful vampires. spoke with Campbell-Bower about his addiction to Twitter and his need to leave some personal information off the web. The star said, "Twitter's a great thing, but I never put anything that's incredibly personal on there. Just tidbits of information." Come on Jamie, you should know Twilight fans are super smart and super crafty by now so be careful what you put out there. There should have been no surprise when a Twilight fan came to the rescue like they did on the recent New Moon Mall Tour.

In a recent tweet the Twitterholic tweeted, "There's a twitch in my leg that will not go away. Quite frankly, I'm a little distressed by it. Good night. X" Flash forward a week later, while out promoting New Moon, a fan throws Jamie a bubble wrapped banana. The fan had seen his tweet and thought that his twitch could have been a lack of potassium! So does he eat it? Yes he did, stating, "[I live] life on the edge, man." Once again, Dr. Cullen would be very proud of this super Twilight fan!



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