Wednesday, December 9, 2009

"New Moon", the second part of the saga "Twilight" hits theaters around the world on Friday (20). It may even be that you think: "Credo, my teenager. But it will not escape the wave that will sweep the planet. And I suspect - indeed, I know - that many women (20, 30, 40 ...) love the series written by Stephenie Meyer. Plus, love Robert Pattinson, the actor who plays the vampire Edward Cullen.

I do not understand why so much confusion to attend and late, the first film, about two months ago. As cinema, "Twilight" is hurting bad. Neither the special effects and makeup provide, something serious in a production about vampires. But it was easy to understand why the fever. Edward Cullen is a vampire romantic without that extreme self-confidence that these beings often do. He falls for awkward teen Bella (the equally weird Kristen Stewart). Dies of fear, however, not to resist his impulses and hurt her. Worse, he fears that she is hurt by any of the other vampires that haunt the place. The relationship between blood and sex is explicit here. But that makes it be the dream lover of any teenager.

Not only. Everyone, especially those of males, may speak ill of Robert Pattinson. He does not take a bath. He looks like a drunk. The truth, however, is that was a long time, probably since Leonardo DiCaprio, who appeared not a guy so paints him as a sexist. And what's wrong with that? The film needs it. Robert Pattinson sell. Hence the cover of Vanity Fair, a magazine that is far from being a teenager. Hence the cover of Entertainment Weekly, the bible of the entertainment.

Cover of the November issue of U.S. magazine, with the trio's main saga Intrigued, I began to see and read the interviews of the boy of 23 years. And you know what? You can not not like Robert Pattinson. First, let's combine, the boy is a little young (certainly other brand for my taste) but really nice - take a look at the test done by Bruce Weber for Vanity Fair and disagree if you can.
Second, it emerges very sincere and no arrogance, so typical of youngsters who start to be successful. On the contrary, does not take itself seriously, make fun of himself. "It sounds silly, but in many ways my hair is 75% of my performance," he told Entertainment Weekly that hit newsstands in the U.S. last Friday (13). Other than that, do you think is to blame for not coping with the harassment - and so much that he can not even leave the hotel room. "I'm not the kind of guy to make an appropriate franchise. 'm Not much for crowds, "said even the" VF ".

And seems to want to be a real actor. As has chosen to more alternative projects, such as a western directed by actress Madeleine Stowe ( "Unbound Captives") and a romantic drama with Emilie de Ravin ( "Remember Me"). For all that, can you say with ease that he has far more qualities that 90% of actors 23 years there. So leave the boy alone.

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