Saturday, February 6, 2010

Celeb Beach Bowl: Taylor is a Vampire!

Oh, Eli Manning! We know you're an NFL quarterback and probably have not read the "Twilight" saga books or seen "Twilight" or "New Moon"... but still. Taylor Lautner, vampire? C'mon now.
The 4th annual Celebrity Beach Bowl kicked off Saturday, Feb. 6 in South Beach. Eli Manning is coaching Team Palladia HD and when asked in the pre-game show how he was going to use his players, he said:

Marisa Miller is my Reggie Bush. Wildcat offense with Marisa. She's a wildcat. Taylor Lautner, he's a vampire so he'll definitely be in there. He's a Wes Welker, he'll have 15 catches for 7 yards.

Sounds good to us, Eli. Except Taylor's a werewolf! Geez. Get it right.



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