Monday, March 22, 2010

I wish he wouldn't wear anything...but that would probably get him arrested and he doesn't think he's very attractive, which makes him that much more attractive to the average gal like myself.

Where I come from, we have good ole' country I love my down and dirty good ole' boys, but when you get a chance to see, talk, look at, or hangout with a handsome British man like Robert Pattinson, you DON'T pass it up.


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Shrieking, ululating, OMG-ing teen girls aren't usually the best arbiters of men's style. (See: Cassidy, David; Mark, Marky; Boys, Backstreet.) So give the nearest tween a high five for freaking out over Robert Pattinson, the British sensation who stars in gossip columns, gossip sites, and oh yeah, a little billiondollar franchise called Twilight. Young Rob's probably got the best head of hair since James Dean, and he lets it do the talking. He also lets it fly: no pompadour, no side part…As far as we can tell, he just runs his hands through it every five minutes. And the clothes? What clothes? A pair of jeans, a T-shirt, an unbuttoned and untucked plaid shirt…That's it. He dresses his age (23); he dresses to his strengths; he dresses so you don't give a damn about how he's dressed.—WILL WELCH



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