Saturday, May 22, 2010

JBone x GPPR

  I LOVE miss lawn from! She's schmexy and she brings f*cklishious actors! MMM!

Remember awhile back when I visited Jackson at his photo shoot and laced him up w/ some clothes from my mens line?! Well, if you don’t here’s a pic to refresh your memory…

Anyways, I heard that some of the unedited pics from the shoot leaked so I checked out & of course they had them. As I was looking through the pics I came across the Chaplin shots…

and these babies…

Gaaaahhhh… he’s wearing a GPPR tee!!! I did it guys… I finally got one of my lines on someone from Twilight!!! Next… KStew (crossing fingers) in Hellz Bellz then I’m coming for yah RPatz!!!


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