Monday, June 7, 2010


    Hey there Twi Buddies
    Sorry I've been MIA this last couple of weeks been busy with work (believe me No fun what so ever!!!) just a quick reminder we have 22 days to go until ECLIPSE!!!! I'm soooo Excited just bought my Ticket for the midnight show yesterday :D
    Anyway just wanted to tell you that OUR BELOVED Edward Cullen is #53 in Entertainment Weekly 's issue for "The 100 Greatest Characters on the las 20 Years" we are ahead of some good one like the notebook's Allie & Noah , Titanic's Rose & Jack just to mane a couple.
    Well I hope I  can  get in & write More often  until  then  Twi-peeps XoXo

~ Yanine ~,,ewTax:11051106,00.html


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