Tuesday, June 8, 2010

NEW Eclipse Stills!!!

Yes dad, I love Edward and no…you can't keep him away because he comes through my window every single night to keep my safe. :) I love you daddy! :D

The shortest director I have ever seen, but the coolest EVER! Lol! I'm just kidding, he's like my pocket director instead of my pocket Edward. Lol!

Evil little b*tch!

Jacob, stop tempting me to ride you, I mean with you. Lol! I love Edward you little perv!

Ok, I'm sorry, he's just to adorable for words.

Oh. My. Goodness. Kellan...I mean Emmett...mmm...look at that BODY! Hi Rose!

They made Esme look so beautiful this time. The other times I didn't care to much for her hair, but everything is perfect this time. :) they look so good together. Hehe!

Ah, home sweet home.

I'm sorry, but her wig is driving me nuts in the clips that they've shown. I hope it looks good in the whole movie. This picture is fine, but the clips make her look so fake.

The cutest couple on the planet!

Kiss him Tinsel, kiss him already! If you don't I'll gladly take him and show you how. ;)

The hotest group of Indians I have ever seen! (I don't have any men that look like this in my tribe...if I did...I would definately share with you all)

Paul, you better stop staring at me like that or I'll combust.

She is way to pretty to be looking like this in this movie. Anyone else agree?

He looks so mad.

Aaaaand...there go my panties. *POOF* *swoon*

Double orgasm!

You lucky lil bizotch! Make sure you treat him good and don't hurt him, please and thank you, Kristen.



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