Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Billy Burke: You Are The Fuel!

First off, Billy...you are amazing and without your amazing voice and awesome musical talent, we wouldn't have something to support, so all the success you're having is because of you and the spectacular people that surround you. Thank you for making the music and sharing. Second, why did you wait so long to live this dream when you're so evidently in love with it? And last, but not least, I am so proud of you for getting as far as you have as an actor and a musician. I want to say thank you to your family and friends for raising such an amazing man and for helping you stay grounded...and to Blusey Larue, (even though she's not old enough to understand alot) you have an amazing daddy to look up to and learn from...and I'm sure mommy thinks so too. ;)



There are few times in my life I can remember the anticipation of an event actually being outshone by it’s happening. I’m sure I’m not alone in recognizing that most times the climaxes we so fervently strive for, will pale in comparison to the dreamy visions we allow ourselves leading up to them.

The realization of this record showing up anywhere on a BILLBOARD CHART (this week #48 on the “Heatseekers” list) Much less becoming the NUMBER ONE BESTSELLER on CD Baby, the world’s largest online distributor of independent music, has left me in unfamiliar territory. I don’t know what the opposite of disenchanted is… but for the first time in a long while, that’s what I’m feeling and it’s pretty fucking great.

The upshot of this post is to exclaim in no uncertain terms that YOU who are reading this are directly responsible for the success this project is having. There is no ugly corporate monster pulling switches and manipulating the sales or promotion of this album. There’s no motive other than the desire to provide you all with some music that in turn, just happens to provide ME with an artistic outlet I’ve kept bottled up for more than a few years. In short, (and at the risk of sounding ridiculous) it’s just about LOVE, people. Love and music– the two undeniable, universal languages. It is solely the love and support that’s coming from all of YOU that is fueling this machine and with a portion of the album’s proceeds going to Vh1′s “Save The Music” program, we couldn’t be prouder or more ambitious to spread it as far and wide as we can.

I must confess that self promotion is an animal I’ve attempted to elude battle with throughout my entire career. My distaste for it even now, will no doubt keep me from saying some things that those around me would urge me to. It is only necessity that has compelled me on this new and long awaited venture to pick up my own megaphone and shout the word to anyone with willing ears. So, I guess what I’ve learned is– if you have a mission, there is no substitute for belief in yourself and with that, there is no shame in expressing that belief. It’s unlike me to be even mildly exhilarated by ANYTHING, but at this moment, I find myself on the precipice of a new awakening to EVERYTHING. I owe this revelation to all of YOU and I just wanted thank you for it.

Lastly, I must mention that releasing this album independently has taken tireless effort and selfless dedication from many people other than myself. Although I did put up my own funds to pay for this adventure, I have no desire to make it a narcissistic source of income. Those who know me would easily testify that my interest here is only to make music and create a way for it to be enjoyed by those who dig it. However, In order for that to happen and for “Save The Music” to benefit from the sales of this record, we do have to cover the costs. Once we sell enough units to do so, the kids’ music programs will get some money and everything else will go straight back into making music, videos and whatever else keeps the machine running. So… if you’re into what we’re doing here and you want to hear and see more, I ask only that you keep doing what you’re doing and help us promote by any method you choose. Retweets, Facebook, word of mouth, whatever– it’s all working.

You can order physical and digital copies of the album at CD Baby

The album can be purchased on iTunes and Amazon as well.

Once again, thank you &
Much, much love my friends



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