Thursday, July 15, 2010

I think I can speak for everyone out there, so why do people like Taylor show up at high schools in the US and when we were younger we didn't get anyone but our parents showing up, so WRONG!

PITTSBURGH -- Pittsburgh-area teens spending a few days of their summer vacation camped out on the field at Hampton High School got a real treat on Monday.

"Twilight" heartthrob Taylor Lautner took a break from shooting his new movie, "Abduction," to sign autographs and take pictures with a swarm of fans.

"It was amazing," Hampton graduate Chelsea Waldschmidt told See and Be Seen. "I actually got so close to him I touched him."

VIDEO: Girls Line Up To See Lautner

Waldschmidt said she and about 100 other girls were watching Lautner film a scene outside the school, which included him riding a motorcycle and driving in an SUV.

"All of a sudden the SUV came over to where the crowd was standing and he [Lautner] got out and said, 'Hey, what's up guys?' Everyone started going crazy," Waldschmidt said.

Despite all of the excitement, which included paparazzi from national media outlets, Waldschmidt said Lautner remained calm and wasn't in any hurry to leave.

"I've never met a celebrity, so it was really cool. I didn't expect him to be so nice. He didn't even have any security with him," Waldschmidt said.

Hampton High School will not just be used for a location and then given a fake name for the movie. Filmmakers have agreed to use the school’s name and to make Lautner a Talbot.

“This is huge for us, to have the producers agree to keep the name of Hampton High School in the film and to see Lautner as a Talbot,” said assistant superintendent Dr. Jo Welter. “We’re thrilled.”

The building will not be the only thing featured in the movie. Hampton High School’s marching band also will appear in a scene, as well as students who will serve as extras. Producers also are interested in featuring the school’s cheerleaders.

Hampton’s wrestling coach, Joe Bursick, has a special role in the film. Bursick has been working with Lautner to help him learn wrestling moves for scenes which will feature Lautner wrestling in the movie.

Other students will be allowed a behind-the-scenes look at the production process by being given access to the set during filming.

High school principal Jeff Finch also has been directly involved with the film, helping arrange for the daily needs of the film crew as they transform the high school art room into a classroom for the film.

Filming dates are set for July 12 and 13 at the high school. During this time, the high school will be closed to the public.

John Singleton, who received two Oscar nominations for writing and directing "Boys N the Hood," will direct "Abduction." The movie is about a teen who learns that the people he thought were his parents are not.

Portions of the Lionsgate film are being made in Pittsburgh, Greensburg and Hampton Township. Principal production is expected to last into September.


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