Thursday, July 8, 2010

Twitter Q&A with Charlie Bewley!

Early this morning Charlie Bewley had one if his famous Q&A's on his twitter case you missed it, here's all the Q&A's. I find them slightly intriguing, how about you?

RT @alchemission 1st rule of Q&A: Do not get pissy if your question is not answered

RT @alchemission 2nd rule of Q&A: DO NOT get pissy if your question is not answered

RT @alchemission 3rd rule: Questions are answered completely at random, with particular prejudice towards questions provoking a ridiculous answer

RT @alchemission 4th rule: Answers will be short. Very.

RT @alchemission 5th rule: I'm not a piece of meat

RT @alchemission 6th rule: No repetition. No reTweets

RT @alchemission 7th rule: Q&A will go on as long as it has to

RT @alchemission and the 8th and most important rule: If this is your first Q&A.....

RT @alchemission 5,4,3,2,1.........

RT @alchemission hashorey @alchemission Is Demetri gay? A: no. he takes pleasure in embracing the full range of masculinity

RT @alchemission youarehere0729 @alchemission whats something you're able to do now that you weren't before? A: be listened to

RT @alchemission frout @alchemission , what is your dream car ? A: I'm in the market for a BMW M3

RT @alchemission ItsAshley19 @alchemission How long have you played rugby? A: 17 years... it was a war out there. i love being a warrior

RT @alchemission hashorey @alchemission At this moment who is your favorite person in the world? A: my ex-girlfriend is really taking life by the nuts atm

RT @alchemission YurGangz @alchemission You are just Brilliant! Was watchingyou on Punk'd Lol did you enjoy getting angry at that guy? A: uhhhhh?

RT @alchemission maverel1981 @alchemission do you like winter: snow, cold, snowball fights etc. ? A: The journey will end in the mountains

RT @alchemission TiitCullen @alchemission in five year, what do you think that you will be doing ? a: flying

RT @alchemission miamievelyn @alchemission what kind of mascot would the Volturi have if they played baseball against the Cullens? a: a ghost

RT @alchemission deaniewink @alchemission Worst fake rumour you've heard about yourself? A: linked with MF

RT @alchemission jck80_99 @alchemission. Do u want kids? a: yes, many - from all corners. but thoroughbreds, probably :)

RT @alchemission Ella_Jacobs @alchemission How do u feel that there is many Fan fiction stories written about your character? A: testiment to his mystery

RT @alchemission Natalee_x @alchemission most celebs say that they WOULD date a fan... would YOU date a fan? a: To rule anyone out is illogical

RT @alchemission firaarfiani @alchemission what do you think about Janetri (Jane-Demetri) ? A: we would reign for a loooong looong time.

RT @alchemission AlanaHoad @alchemission who is the coolest person you have ever meet? A: my mum is f. cool.

RT @alchemission AlyHargrove @alchemission favorite popcorn from the tri-tins? a: Smores.

RT @alchemission ReeDawes @alchemission are you disappointed about the world cup? A: only if it's half-empty.

RT @alchemission lizontheside @alchemission On a scale of 1-6, with 5 being a 2, how confusing am I?? A: I think zero, because I half getcha.

RT @alchemission xCarlyPattinson @alchemission who's your inspiration? A: Myself

RT @alchemission marissaIRL @alchemission what's most played on your ipod lately? a: episode 325

RT @alchemission priscila_0394 @alchemission if you could go to the past, what would you change? a: Nothing. I am grateful for all the mistakes i made.

RT @alchemission HumbleDB @alchemission would you come to Denmark, November for convention or for Breaking Dawn next year?? Make it happen Copenhagen.

RT @alchemission hashorey @alchemission Do you like cats? a: ya, big ones.

RT @alchemission AnnaBalyan @alchemission in ur opinion, what does it mean to Love someone? a: ask einstein and his theory.

RT @alchemission x__Chonnie @alchemission what type of animal would you be if you could choose out of all of them and why? a: bald eagle.

RT @alchemission emsyki @alchemission if you had a pet platypus, what would you name it? a: Jeff Jefferson.

RT @alchemission Bushbabu @alchemission if you could do a film with any actor who would it be? A: Me vs. Shia LeBeouf

RT @alchemission CristinaMariex3 @alchemission best gift from a fan you've ever received? A: A marzipan rabbit.

RT @alchemission icycamposano @alchemission If you would to be one of the MOST POWERFUL ICON in the world, who would you be?? A: Myself

RT @alchemission LyricalKris @alchemission What does the name alchemission come from? A: ask @PauloCoelho

RT @alchemission Jen_E_Trevino @alchemission Who is funnier Chris White or David Slade? A: Brian Regan.

RT @alchemission jennaatanasoff @alchemission What's your favorite breed of dog? N u ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "The KEYS, not the CHEESE, Milo" :)

RT @alchemission chrystalplayer cool kid or the nerdy kid? A: Neither, I was the erratic one. Zero Faith in me, no-one had.

RT @alchemission Raransom @alchemission the last movie you watched? don't say eclipse. A: 44 inch chest.

RT @alchemission hopehultgren @alchemission Most attractive quality in a woman? A: the opposite of self-conscience.

RT @alchemission yvonnerawrr @alchemission Favorite trait about yourself? A: shamelessness.

RT @alchemission swayswaynaynay @alchemission best achievement in life? A: breaking free from what society told me to do.

RT @alchemission Tyler_Cull3n @alchemission do u want there to be a Bree movie? a: not read it yes, but in theory, yes.

RT @alchemission pancyfants @alchemission are you a ninja? No, i'm elegantly clumsy

RT @alchemission Kstewclub @alchemission Russian fans very much love you. You will arrive still?)) A: I told you you're my brand of vodka. make it happen :)

RT @alchemission AnnaBalyan @alchemission I just turned 22 and I'm engaged to be married next year, do you think im crazy? lol A: ask einstein

RT @alchemission smileyky88 @alchemission what drives you to run marathons? A: The thought that I might not be able to do it.

RT @alchemission brookeforbes15 @alchemission who is your fav band? (mines Green Day) A: Ash

RT @alchemission buzzybnz @alchemission Team jacob or team edward? A: TD

RT @alchemission Georgina1_xx @alchemission whats the best dream you had? A: dream i could fly

RT @alchemission varietydelights @alchemission 15 minutes early or 15 minutes late? A: split the difference

RT @alchemission Lubiie @alchemission why are you crossing your legs on Eclipse when you meet the Cullens? A: why not?

RT @alchemission Nicky0972 @alchemission Is there any animal u don't like or scares u? A: foxes messed me up as a kid

RT @alchemission linzkittie @alchemission do you like sex? A: does the Pope piss in the woods?

RT @alchemission SpringTxTwiMom @alchemission What's your ideal evening w/ a lady? A: unchartered territory

RT @alchemission A_Bitten_Diva @alchemission Last thing that made you cry? A: episode 274 about an hour in.

RT @alchemission DanyelleeeeeM @alchemission You have your own spaceship, which planet do you go to? A: planet Marzipan with a big shovel.

RT @alchemission tokyo_to @alchemission est-ce que vous comprenez la langue francaise? A: si

RT @alchemission StewLovee @alchemission if you could go to one place in the world where would it be??????? A: Tokyo first.

RT @alchemission CharliesFan @alchemission have you ever worn the Maori Bone Carving I sent you from NZ? A: I wear all your gifts, transiently.

RT @alchemission auliafina @alchemission if you could choose Demetri's mate, who you would want? A: i don't feel Demetri fancies ball n' chain.

RT @alchemission .... but a passionate romance without the neediness??? Gooooooood question.

RT @alchemission swayswaynaynay @alchemission best thing about acting? a: i get to entertain my amateur-schitzophrenia

RT @alchemission CharlieBewleyVK you seem perfect, perfection is impossible, what's wrong with you? A: Life is limitless. I love that thought. It shows

RT @alchemission SydneyTwiMum @alchemission Ovaltine or Horlicks? A: Chinese drink this amazing Marzipan hot drink - head to Chinatown

RT @alchemission keykey1012 @alchemission If I ask you to spend a whole day with me, would you do it? A: what would you teach me?

RT @alchemission SydneyTwiMum @alchemission Dora the Explorer or Diego the Animal Rescuer? A: we're talking prevention vs Cure here. The former plz.

RT @alchemission priscila_0394 @alchemission of you could lock someone in a room with you, who would be? A: Sarah Palin maybe.

RT @alchemission jck80_99 @alchemission do ever take a bath over a shower? A: Plenty of time to lie down in a box when you're dead.

RT @alchemission whatshallicall @alchemission have you read the mortal instruments series? A: not yet :)

RT @alchemission DanyelleeeeeM @alchemission Limtless amount of....? A: possibility

RT @alchemission KarenSandilands @alchemission does a spoon full of sugar really help the medicine go down? A: the white death

RT @alchemission melburgess @alchemission have you ever laughed so hard milk actually came out your nose? A: Milk comes from nipples darling.

RT @alchemission erica_lopeezy @alchemission have you ever bought something from a late night infomercial? A: INSANITY (p90x's little sister)

RT @alchemission SnarkyDee @alchemission giver or a taker? Creator/Consumer in equal measure

RT @alchemission Illyria30stm @alchemission relax for you is..... A: Love, maybe - but I'll need to think about that

RT @alchemission ItsJodii @alchemission Who would win in a fight, Demetri or Emmett Cullen? A: What tastes better:Marzipan B&J or Dog S*** ?

RT @alchemission mividarawr95 @alchemission death is? A: an unknown adventure.

RT @alchemission Good luck tomorrow Jen Brown x

RT @alchemission Big relaunch of coming soon.

RT @alchemission thank you for listening to me.... Goodnight. Love yaz x h


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