Tuesday, September 15, 2009

As one of the premiere bands placed upon the Twilight soundtrack (for their songs "Decode" and "I Caught Myself"), Paramore makes for a good resource for those upcoming artists to be featured on The Twilight Saga: New Moon's soundtrack.
According to Rolling Stone, too, frontwoman Hayley Williams had a few choice words to say to the members of Death Cab (their single "Meet Me on the Equinox" premiered last night to MTV during the MTV Video Music Awards) who will be featured on the album.
“They should get ready because it’s about to get crazy,” she offered when asked if Paramore’s fanbase grew significantly since their involvement with the franchise. “I notice that a lot of older women are all of a sudden really gung ho about Paramore. It’s been nice to watch it grow and have these people discover the music on their own.”
Seems as though Death Cab might just have the chops (what with their discussions about the track and the story behind New Moon). Paramore, on the other hand, has decided against being a part of the New Moon soundtrack, stating that they did not want to be the "vampire house band." Perhaps it has something to do with the over-the-top following they mentioned here.


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