Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sao Paulo: Fans that broke the security

Luísa Sfair and Giovanna Lamara are the two fans that broke the security around the starts of New Moon to take a photo with Kristen Stewart. She and Taylor Lautner got to Brazil this Saturday, October 31st to promote the movie.

Before that. Luísa, 15, living in the South of Rio, had to convince his mother to go with her in this adventure along with her friend Giovanna, from São Paulo.

‘Me and Giovanna met on the internet and decided to come here, stay at the Hyatt, and try to get something. I am spending money I don’t have, she says that is stayin in a room with her moon and paying R$ 470 (172€) per night.

Initially, their ‘something’ was to promote their website dedicated to Kristen, to the production people that organized the event she and Taylor will do this Sunday in São Paulo. (sorry that was a bit hard, I think they were trying to get passes to be there because they have a Kristen website) But the proximity with the stars made them dream higher.

‘Kristen is really short’
‘At first we were just walking on the hotel hall trying to see them arriving, but nothing happened. Then we went to the restaurant e someone told us they were in the pool zone. We tried to get closer but they didn’t let us. So we went upstairs, changed clothes and we got to the pool area, but we were stopped but the security. We started calling (I bet they yelled their lungs out) Kristen and she told them [the security] it was ok and to let us go. She was really friendly and took a picture with us. At that time Taylor wasn’t there anymore.’ Says Luísa that was shocked with the her kindness and how small she was.

‘She is so small and slim. I am 1,55mt, she must be 1,60mt tops. She’s almost as small as I am.’, she says that after that she had to keep (nanana I don’t get what they’re saying here, it seems like she was having some sort of meeting and she had to keep talking about wtv she was talking with the production people)

‘I am the owner of Kristen Stewart Brasil. We had to be promoting. I am trying to get it to be official.’

*talking about Taylor here*

She and her friend gave Kristen a mixed CD with music from Brazil.

‘She will be here for not even two days. I wanted her to know a little bit more of our culture. So, me and Giovanna had the idea of making her a Cd with Brazillian songs. It has songs from Chico Buarque, Jota Quest, Marisa Monte and Ls Jack.



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