Sunday, November 1, 2009

“Traveling” updates of New Moon stars

I don't like to post pap pictures and I don't under any other circumstances but these two pics are of Rob and Chris arriving in Mexico. Hope you enjoy.

Kristen and Taylor

We posted few posts in past day and today about how crazy it was in Sao Paulo but everything’s under control, fans are supernice; some still staying outside of the hotel. Kristen and Taylor are fine, without injuries! They will attend a press conference today and here’s the plan for today:

11:00AM – 11.40AM Press Accreditation
11:45AM – 12:00AM 15 Minutes Exclusive Movie (CONFERENCE ROOM)
11.50AM – 12.00AM Photo Session (ROOM ATTACHED)
12.00AM – 12.30AM Press Conference

Robert and Chris

Plus this just came in; Robert and Chris landed in Japan! They will be promoting New Moon there like Taylor and Kristen are in Brazil. For now we don’t have that many informations about how’s Robert or Chris in Japan, but here’s one fan picture of Rob at the airport in Japan and also one of Chris;


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