Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The ‘K’ Factor – Picking Me Up In His Car

I definately wouldn't turn this beautiful man down, not even for Rob. *sorry ladies, I know I said that out loud, but don't kill me.* Kellan is sexier than Rob...appearences wise.

Taylor Blue back again for another installment of the” K’ Factor. I have had a lot of pictures to pour over, I mean those underwear ones were fine. But I had to chose this one as my lead pic. When I saw it I literally gasped. Wouldn’t you like it girls if he pulled up in a car and was waiting outside for you like this? I know I would for sure go anywhere he would want to take me. Even if it was around the block and back. Or maybe dinner. That could work. Anywhere is anywhere.

I also saw this quote in an article that was here where Kellan said, “I love doing stunts, I love getting hurt.” And we ALL know that I couldn’t leave that one alone. I mean…in Eclipse we will see him doing some fighting. I’m sure when he does fight his abs stick out even more. Oh yeah, he likes getting hurt…he should wrestle me. I won’t let him down.

This also makes me wonder if we will see him shirtless in Eclipse. I hope that it does. He needs more lines and more shirtlessness. I think the whole world needs more of him shirtless.

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Thank you Kellan Luz Online!


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