Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Which Eclipse hottie is wall-worthy?

We all remember those days when we were younger and our bedroom walls were adorned with our hunks of the moment. Ah, I recall I kept BOP, TeenBeat, and TigerBop in business back in the day with my various celebrity crushes. So, imagine that you are transported back to those teen years – which Eclipse cutie would grace your walls? Would you choose to plaster the walls with Rob, Taylor, or Kellan? Well, wants to know! I think all of our readers know I’m 100% an Emmett/Kellan girl so it’s really no contest for me. For all you Peter, Jackson, and Pack ladies – “other” is an option. So, tell us here at TM’s who your pick would be and then get on over to gather and cast your vote. Currently Kellan is in the lead with 47% of the vote with Taylor coming in second with 27% of the vote.

MMM....They're all worthy of my praise! *sigh*


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