Wednesday, December 9, 2009

As MTV News continues its look back at the year in movies, honoring everyone and everything from Ryan Reynolds to "Watchmen," we know that for so many of you out there, 2009 was all about two simple words: "New Moon"

Throughout the year, as we chatted with the vampire franchise's stars, we wanted to give fans a chance to interact with them too. That's why we asked the actors reader-submitted questions every chance we got. Here are our picks for the best of our "Twilight" fan Q&As.
Robert Pattinson On Being A Different Person

What would one of the biggest stars in the world do if he weren't one of the biggest stars in the world? According to Robert Pattinson, not a whole lot, and it'd be glorious.

"I guess I'd just wander around," he said in response to that question.

Why? He experienced what it would be like to be unknown while traveling in Japan recently, and he'd quite like to experience it again. "I was just wandering around on the streets, and no one recognized me, which was strange, because I was the only non-Japanese person walking around," he said. "Now in airports I'm so nervous walking around in every other country in the world. In Japan, it was so strange, buying all these trinkets because I wanted to get everybody presents when I was coming back, and just being in any old duty-free shops in the airport and no one's looking around. No one comes up to you. I guess I'd just wander around."

Nikki Reed On Fan Sites And Hurt Feelings

Does the "Twilight" crew ever check out any of the fan sites that have proliferated on the Web? That's what one reader wanted to know, and the answer is yes. What's more, what they find on there can sometimes leave them feeling hurt.

"There was an interview where somebody asked me how I was feeling at that moment with everything that was going on with 'Twilight,' " Nikki Reed told us, "and I said, 'You know? I'm really devastated right now, because I have never heard the amount of criticism and hurt and pain from some things that I've read going on the Internet [about me] right now, like, 'She's fat' and 'She's ugly' and 'She's not blonde' and 'She's supposed to be the most beautiful girl in the world?' and 'Couldn't they cast someone who was remotely beautiful?' "

Thankfully, another fan site came to her rescue: The folks at TwilightMoms made her a book of complimentary letters received from around the world. "It couldn't have been a better ego boost," Reed said.

Kellan Lutz On Underwear And Charity Work

Let's be honest, with all the promotional stops "Twilight" stars have to make, they get asked the same question over and over again. But is there a favorite one? And is there one any of them truly dislike? A fan wanted to know, and Kellan Lutz kicked the knowledge.

"Do I wear boxers or briefs?" he said, summoning up a question he gets asked too often and with which he doesn't quite feel comfortable. "I think it's such a funny one, and there's always someone — and they're usually older than 50 — who asks that question, so it's really quite funny."

And what question does he wish he were asked more often? "I'm really into charity work and telling people about that. It's always hard to get to that answer [during an interview]. Royal Family Kids' Camp is something that's near and dear to my heart. It's about giving a place for these molested or group-home kids and showing them love."

"They've never gotten presents before or they've never had someone tell them that God loves you. ... And to show them sympathy and that it's OK to be a kid and it's OK to smile and have fun, to give them a stuffed animal," he continued. "I wish I could talk more about the charities that I'm involved in and that we have so much opportunity in the end to make a difference out there."


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