Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Jessica Bendinger, writer of Bring it On and Stick It, has a new novel, The Seven Rays, which is in talks of becoming Bendinger’s new feature-film. The Seven Rays is about Beth Michaels, a teenager who one day wakes up to discover she might have supernatural powers, and Richie Mac, the hottest guy in town who becomes obsessed with Beth and who must help her prove to her family and friends that she isn’t crazy, because who wouldn’t think a girl announcing she has supernatural powers wasn’t crazy?And who do you think Jessica wants to play Richie? I’ll give you a hint: he was a gorgeous vampire on Twilight and looks amazing wearing nothing but a tank top? 24-year-old Kellan Lutz! Jessica loved having him on Stick It and she wants the handsome dude to play Beth’s complement. And who’s to play Beth you ask? Well, if you follow The Seven Rays on Twitter, you will see they tweeted about having lunch and discussing the role with 17-year-old Selena Gomez. What do you think: a hunky vampire with a Disney star, good combination?

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